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This is an updated basic ruleset, based on everything I've learned so far in our campaign and what I would use going forward. (not changes I'm planning to make to CURRENT play, don't worry.) The goal is to make something that feels more like a Magic Format than what I was trying when we first started.

Let me know if anything here looks unclear, or if I haven't mentioned anything. Comments are turned on.

@ajanionthespot @Tayatranscendent @DialMforMara @SliverQueen I like it. It seems cleaner. Though I would add information regarding cantrips. Maybe allow a player a selection of 1 cmc sorcery spells (within reason I would suggest common only) to always have access to equal to the number of cantrips they would have.

example Tarjuk has 4 cantrips he could claim
Chain lightning
Commune with nature

If they were approved by the GM.

@ajanionthespot @Tayatranscendent @DialMforMara @SliverQueen yes, but less powerful. Say if Tarjuk has tge cantrip guidance. It add 1d4 to a roll. There is nothing in mtg that mimics that. But being able to set aside arbor armament. So it could be cast in battle without being drawn could be useful. Firebolt as a minor damage spell. A simple spell that can be cast incase someone gets mana screwed or bad draws. Swords or unsummon would be too powerful which is why I suggest common and approval

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While I see the problem and like your solution, this feels like a house rule, or an optional rule.

I would absolutely say do this if players are having consistently bad draws and it's ruining the game, but I wouldn't include it by default.

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You've got free lands equal to caster level. Is that still true? I think we switched to proficiency bonus.

@DialMforMara @Jmaurer @Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen

Yes, thank you! I knew there was something that was checking proficiency bonus in there but I couldn't remember what!

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