In case you didn't know all those cards have oracle text to make them read "their" instead. Not to reduce the joke I just think it's neat that wizards did that.

@keis it is good that they did that, but it makes it even more fun since silver border cards deal with other cards as printed and not the oracle text 😁

@CoronaCoreanici @Tayatranscendent @Canageek I believe there's precedent for reminder text not counting - particularly that extort cards can go in Commander decks that don't have both :black: and :white:

@SliverQueen @CoronaCoreanici @Tayatranscendent reminder text does not count according to MaRo as I recall, because different printings can include or not include it without changing the rules of the card.

@SliverQueen @CoronaCoreanici @Tayatranscendent @Canageek true, but we're in silver-border land where flavor text and collector's number *definitely* count

@CoronaCoreanici @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent yes but I think that reminder text still doesn't, as the morrow quote I was thinking of was specifically him not being able to use reminder text as a target on a silver border card

Which probably means I could figure out what episode of the podcast he talked about it on since it dealt with silver border...

As I recall set symbol and reminder text for the two things he wasn't able to target? set symbol was targetable in early magic not anymore

@Tayatranscendent just yesterday due to a printing omission on my part at work i had to hand-write out a section of legislation that had some clunky "his or her" drafting (where "that [taxpayer]" would have worked just fine) and it's annoyed me the whole time

this is surprisingly cathartic

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