"each booster pack will contain a planeswalker." So, @SliverQueen, I think you can consider THAT rumor substatiated... except it's not the prerelease packs. It's just the PACKS.

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen holy crap, I’m so happy they posted these art pieces and so sad they won’t be the card art. I really need a full set of prints if possible. Stained glass style art is one of my absolute favorites and these are amazing. Narset and Tamiyo ❤️❤️❤️

@Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen The Tamiyo is gorgeous: I love that they did her face in that sort-of Ukiyo-e style.


@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen Narset looks almost like a central Asian version of Storm and I’m completely sold on that. Tamiyo was never a favorite of mine until the bits about her story magic and her family were added. Now she’s my second favorite walker.

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