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Anyone else going to be at commandfest Seattle this weekend? I’ll be there on and off all three days

Gavin announced they are announcing some kind of commander surprise on Wednesday. My guess is some kind of premium booster product containing a selection of commander staples. Interested to see what it is.

In positive news, I got to hang out with awesome people and be a guest on my favorite podcast again. The Loregoyfs is so good if you like Vorthos and comedy.

Got to voice Rowan this time. Zap zap.

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Periodic reminder (gentle subtoot?) 

I cannot comprehend that neurotypicals exist. like. there are people who wake up and don't want to cry immediately. sounds fake, fam

2-0 after frying Ajani and dropping a meteor on mythic Chandra.

And we got a bye. I hate byes in 2HG so much considering I get to play it so infrequently anyways.

Getting ready to start 2HG with Xavier. I’m on UW flyers and he’s on RB murder. Feeling good, but not great about the pool.


My friends at The Loregoyfs made the mistake of letting me guest on their MF Seattle podcast. On one hand, this was an amazing experience. On the other hand, fuck voice dysphoria. Still was absolutely worth doing it and getting to voice two of my favorite characters.

Looking for some people for commander in the very back corner of the casual area.

"You are the Chosen One, whose task it is-"
"Does it pay?"
"-to... What?"
"This task, is it paid? Or is it for experience, exposure?"
"It is to save the world!"
"Cool, cool, so not paid. Are you paid?"
"We Solemn Guardians of-"
"Because if you are, I should be too."
"... fine."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

[1/3] Seattle Area PSA: Trans Pride Safety Bulletin (cw: white nationalists) 

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