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I commissioned art for another of my favorite Orc microfics. Written by bibliovoreorc and illustrated by letsongakemi on bird site.

Alt text:

“I used to think that — if I got stronger, if I got older — things would start to make sense,” Chandra said. “But it doesn’t, does it? None of it does. None of it makes any sense.”

Chandra felt a small touch. She looked down. Nissa was holding her hand.

“This does,” Nissa said.

auction link for trans charity. boosts encouraged 

Magic friends - something real special. An acquaintance of mine is auctioning off some beautiful old school cards all to support trans youth in Florida.

MTG Seb McKinnon pol, birdsite link 

Another respected MTG artist turns out to be a dirtbag. This time it’s Seb attending a Candandian MAGA equivalent rally and spouting full on antivaxxer “but my freedoms” propaganda.

Long time no post, but I was on Goblin Lore Podcast this week talking about Melthos cards. If you’re interested

Finally picked up one of the numerous projects I dropped when I started getting real depressed last year. Season 2 of Reincarnated as a Slime just wrapped up, so back to work on my custom all proxy commander deck. First run of print at home foils came out ok, but this process definitely work better for some cards than others.

Got an AP so I could have this beautiful fox without the complete asshole that’s usually on the other side.

One of those good things I got done at least, hung my original Magic art in my office.

Got an artist proof with a repainting of one of my all time favorite magic cards on it. I collected DTs as a kid, I had over 60 of them in my binder when it was stolen with my other cards in college. I’m so excited to have a painted one to be part of my collection today.

I had such a massive board, I could have just passed turn and easily won next turn. Instead, I deck myself with my own storm card. Out in a fiery blaze of glory. A+ from Dean Nassari.

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It was very late in the game at this point and all five players were still in, so I got 40 mana off the geyser and just started going off. By the end of combat phase I had about twenty cards in hand, killed two of my opponents, and had a storm count of 28, which I built up to cast Fiery Encore thinking I’m about to kill the other two players. Then I read the card to the table and realized I misread it as “creature or player” in my excitement over my turn and it already having been a long game.

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I did the most red mage thing ever last night. Got to play first in person commander game since last February. Since there were 5 of us, we each played a C21 deck, I was on Prismari.

We’d already been playing about three hours. I spent most of the game doing nothing because I didn’t draw a land until turn 15 or so and someone blew up my mana rocks. I finally managed to get out Charmbreaker Devils and next upkeep got back Mana geyser.

I’m going to be part of a mental health awareness month charity stream tomorrow and giving away a full Daretti commander deck.

I could never afford the original arts, but I was able to get some illustrated APs from my first favorite Magic Artist Anson Maddocks.

A wild boyfriend appeared and made me promise to be on his stream, and we're going to be playing through Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

And that's a game about which I could say volumes, but I won't here.

Cause I have to be on a stream of it. So I should save it for that.

But, barring unforeseen circumstances, it's gonna be Thursdays at 1 PM, from this week till we finish a playthrough I suppose, on his Twitch here:

Since my usual DM is busy running a three week campaign on LRR, I’m filling in for her. I’m running a game of our campaign characters playing a DnD campaign in character. The results have been hilarious and it’s also working as group therapy for our primary characters to deal with some issues.

Need something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve doomscrolling? OrcaCon is doing a free online mini con this year

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