CW sexual abuse in MTG community. birdsite link 

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CW sexual abuse in MTG community. birdsite link 

The Loregoyfs released a statement today on the recent revelations about racist practices at WotC, demands for change, and support for BLM

Oh hey the episode of Loregoyfs I wrote for is out. The story is by Django Wexler, but the summary we do tends more comedic. Hopefully it’s not awful. The first part is scripted, then we discuss the story after the “ad”.

Note this isn’t the episode I wrote, that’s next week. I did narrate this one though.

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On this episode of The Loregoyfs, we discuss Chapter 2 of the Sundered Bond by Django Wexler. Django will also be appearing tomorrow on Weekly MTG to discuss the book!


How I feel about all my friends at I don’t need the additional security though, I want to be buried in floofs.

Image description:

A large blue and white fox on a small hill overlooking another blue and white fox. The card reads

Whenever you cycle another card, put a +1/+1 counter on Flourishing Fox.
Cycling {1}
“Day 1: These fox pups have really taken to me.
"Day 4: Big. So big. Need additional security.”
—Jonald, mission naturalist, research notes

This is going to be a new regular thing for me, at least for the foreseeable future. I’m so happy to be part of this awesome group. I’m playing a non-binary Orzhov Cleric who isn’t really onboard with the way they typically handle business. This is pre WotS, but they’d definitely be a Kaya fan.

Interesting side note, I’ve been playing DnD for nearly 3 decades and this is the first time I’ve played a human afaik. Kind of had to for the character’s story to work.

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selfie, ec 

I’ll be moderating Queers Across the Multiverse with @SliverQueen Tifa Robles, and Michelle Rapp today at 1:30. If you’re at I hope to see you there!

new novel spoilers 

Anyone else going to be at commandfest Seattle this weekend? I’ll be there on and off all three days

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