omg ok so i actually saw someone wearing these in the u district yesterday and it took all my willpower to not blurt out "JOOTS (JEAN BOOTS)" right there and then

what are they doing

no really, who decided to make an official spotify error message look as legitimate as a phishing attempt

i hope the next time you do a sleep you have a nice dream 💭

Even if the full decklists are kinda lame, I'm still gonna snag Bant Enchantments. I've wanted an enchantment deck to work for so long, and while it's lame that there's no Black for all the Daxos cards (and some of the best Enchantments like Necro and Gravepact) there are still lots of cool cards in there. Don't think of it as an optimized deck; they're balanced to play against each other (hopefully) so try that before you rant and rave about how the suck.

Be aware of a common scam running on the internet - someone emails you with a password that you will recognize and threaten to publicly bad post things about you on social media unless you pay a ransom. The password and email come from some web site breach, such as LinkedIn. Don’t fall for it. Delete and move on. Also, take this opportunity to get a password manager and use a different password on every site/service you use. ✌️

Now that they've found bread predating agriculture, I feel like the headline really ought to be



A friend of mine posted about how they disapprove of vandalism in any circumstance when the Trump star got smashed.

Look. That was a minor cost to the public - it almost certainly came out of taxes. It was also almost certainly done by someone who has lost something tangible - maybe their healthcare, maybe access to their loved ones, maybe part of their social safety net.

Stop demonizing violence to the state by the people over violence by the state to the people.

How does Magus of the Balance interact with Teferi's Protection?

You lose all your friends at instant speed.

Someone pointed out that Arixmethes would make sense in the Lands Matter commander deck.

Which is just rude. If accurate.

Tonight's absurd project: assembling a Wasitora, Nekoru Queen cosplay

I need:
--black fuzzy sweater and pants (??)
--cat paw gloves (seeing some on Amazon, but could probably knit better)
--ears and tail (seeing cheap ones on Amazon, costlier ones on Etsy)
--dragon wings (seeing decent ones on Etsy)
--paw shoes (would probably knit them the same as the gloves and stitch on soles)

Anyone got non-Amazon suggestions?

what do network engineers say when they've finished setting up a network? 

packet up, guys

work bullshit 

I love when there's a conflict within management and they basically take it out on people who are doing work for them who are just trying to do their jobs.

<<The Italian Space Agency announced Wednesday that researchers have detected signs of a large, stable body of liquid water locked away beneath a mile of ice near Mars' south pole.>>

#science #Mars

current goal: get to the point where someone asks unprompted to touch my muscles

Sup Planeswalkers,

My name's StaleWhiteBread and I like every single one of you.

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