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"This is definitely a 'welcome to the jam' situation."

Final game of that draft I beat a Starnheim Unleashed without either mythic, just aggro'd them out with berserkers (and bringing a Doomskar Titan back for a second pass)

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Oh I figured it out, just open Valki/Tibalt and be passed Burning-Rune Demon

Meanwhile I have yet to run better than 3-3 in a Kaldheim draft and it's getting extremely frustrating

If ravens are supposed to be so smart, how did this one get in a fight with a boat and lose, huh? checkmate

Sealed deck brag 

Koma and Valki/Tibalt in the same pool? Don't threaten me with a good time.

Final record: 7-2

Latest Magic story, ending reaction 


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Latest Magic story quote. 

Badass sea goddess. Okay.

Webcam prerelease 

First two rounds: grindy as hell, going all the way to time, lose one win one

Third round: Opponent deeply mana screwed

Fourth round game one: Milled my opponent's first Vorinclex, fed a second one to the serpent, he scooped on the spot

Fourth round game two: He taps out for a 7/6 giant, I promptly drop Kaya to exile it, he scoops again

... Okay then. 3-1 it is and I can take a walk.

All I want to do
Is pay 1 :red: and :blue:
For a Giant Wizard (a Giant Wizard!)
And all I want to see
Is power/toughness 3
On a Giant Wizard

Kaldheim card nickname 

[[Replicating Ring]]: Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ... ring ... a mana rock!

Hooooooooly shit the Rebecca Leveille kickstarter survey is out and gods. damn.

This stuff is so pretty and sometimes only borderline LGS safe...

Kaldheim nickname ideas 

[[Axgard Braggart]]: Pack 1 pick 1 common??

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Kaldheim nickname ideas 

[[Kardur, Doomscourge]]: *Swedish Chef voice* Kurdur Durskur

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Kaldheim nickname ideas 

[[Infernal Pet]]: Fearful Fledgling

Very important news: Niko is absolutely the kind of enby who'll ignore everyone around them to play with a cat

I've never felt more seen.

Half considering making a Commander deck with [[Sengir, Dark Baron]] and [[Sakashima of a Thousand Faces]] as commanders, then minimal creatures in the 98, just the most absolutely spiteful cards. Mass creature removal, graveyard exile, prison pieces, Cyclonic Rift, clones and mind control, the occasional extra turn.

Kaldheim, new planeswalker 

CM: As a non-binary person, the story that resonated most strongly with me was one about questioning the accepted norms of your world: there is an idea that society accepts as fact, but the more you learn about it, the more you start to question it. Eventually, you decide to challenge the idea yourself and discover that you have the freedom to move beyond it. This was the journey that we wanted to set up for Niko.

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