Watching LRR MagicFest vlogs frame-by-frame to see if I can spot my friends in the background

@ajanionthespot this is why you always tell people in advance when there will be strip games, they take preparation!

LB from @Duende: I hadn't noticed the timing change, which also dodges timing questions about gender fluidity.

@ajanionthespot put target article of clothing on top of its owner's library

LB from @Duende: I hadn't noticed the timing change, which also dodges timing questions about gender fluidity.

1: a magic card from a joke set in 1998 was erattaed to be enby inclusive

2: the card now checks for your gender identity as you cast it, to prevent, say, rules issues stemming from coming out to your friends while it’s on the stack

Trying this mono-red list and holy hell. [[Chandra's Spitfire]] + [[Cavalcade of Calamity]] equals how much damage again??

@Ice_In_Disguise okay what's the most ridiculous Oathbreaker to run that combo

@Ice_In_Disguise it's really stunning and I can't help but want to set off a [[Madcap Experiment]] now

Will save failed. Results pictured. Pulling three lands from those four seems improbable, but hey, shinies.

I've updated our server suspend lists to block several more Gab instances and other unmoderated servers.

Periodic reminder (gentle subtoot?) 

@ajanionthespot because this is me, I'd probably also throw in a Slivers theme, with the actual goal of landing Spiteful Sliver and hitting *that* with the space brick.

Actually, maybe this is a Tibalt / Blasphemous Act deck.

Also very slightly tempted to build an Oathbreaker deck with [[Chandra, Awakened Inferno]] into [[Worldfire]] and call it Global Warming

@Anke 2x Awakened Inferno, 4x each of the other three in Standard, elementals and burn to fill it out.

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