Hey, if y'all are looking for a podcast, might I recommend Color of Magic? It's by two Black men, and they talk about their experiences and interview other minorities about how life in the Magic world is for them.

@SliverQueen he has some profound wisdom, nah sorry it was just a joke im really sorry but mcafee is funny, sorry again🙏 🙏

@SliverQueen I'm not actively looking for more subscriptions but I can't turn down recommendations. Grabbed the latest two eps to throw into my rotation.

Handily the ep I started with (35) started off with "This is the episode to share, this is a good episode to show what we're about."

I have great faith the title "Shut Up And Shuffle" isn't going to devolve into "let's be apolitical" garbage like it would on other whiter podcasts.

@mycroft I would not be sharing that podcast in this moment if that's what they're going with, I promise.

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