Next time I want Ariel to just walk into the library holding Tigris' hand, ask where the oldest books are, and let the librarian think they just want to make out at the back of the stacks. Which, to be fair, will also happen.

@DialMforMara Why are mammals always getting distracted from honest research?

Replicating results is important in science, right? If I learned one thing from my sib Melvorthos bringing grad students to Molander's parties, it was that making out in a library was part of a massive replication study of... I don't really remember, they were trying to impress me. To be fair to them, it worked.

Fortunately, Selesnyan safe sex magic is very good, so we don't have to worry about reproduction until we're ready. Unless your grandmother decides you have good genes and starts bugging you to find someone of your own species to give her descendants with. I really feel sorry for Molander, he's her apprentice and really has to listen to her.

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