My round two opponent had a signed Terese Nielsen playmat, and I destroyed him in two - first with a copy of his own Gurmag Angler, then with two bears after we both mulled to five. So I'm heading home undefeated on the day.

Out of context: "Is the Phyrexian infection just zippers?"

Turns out that double Thundering Herd into entwined Goblin War Party, with counterspell backup, will end a game *real* quick. ( with @Tayatranscendent)

note - will not federate with any Gab instance, and has suspended the likely domains under which they are expected to operate. If they try to federate under other domains, we'll suspend them too.

Forgot to post after getting slaughtered last round. Can't win when you mill to five twice, apparently.

Main event tomorrow, I'm feeling pretty bad about it already. Maybe 0-3 drop so I can play things with more possible prizes.

Got one mill win, lost the next two games... Welp.

Decked myself game 1, couldn't win in the next five minutes.

So I've acquired Morophon, and it obviously goes in Slivers. But does it count as a coat reducer and general tribal support, and go in the always-in pile, or a random Commander option, or one of the general creatures in my pick-fifty pile?

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Also I *really* need to pull a Birthing Boughs somewhere in all the MH1 that I'll be getting into over the next while.

Today's galaxy brain tech realization: Naban, Dean of Iteration goes in my Reaper King deck

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Faerie Seer was a real all-star. Turn two ninjitsu? Check. Good Soulherder bounce target? Check. Dump a bunch of lands to the bottom (or leave them there against a mill deck)? No problem.

Finished 2-1, with an easy win over a snow deck that I had all the answers for.

Now 1-1 after realizing that I'm actually playing tempo, against Rakdos aggro.

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