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Brye, Fancy Hat Trickster

Took me three months to get her framed, but I finally have Alesha telling me to go kick the world's ass.

Then sometimes I actually am half bad at it. Oh well.

Sometimes I remember I'm not half bad at this game.

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Welp, guess I'm on Arena now

I won a game in Fast Play with the default green deck. Going to bed now, though.

It didn't hurt that the first guy I played against was too tired to put more than 10 lands in his deck.

LPS report (M19 Sealed): . I had a Sigiled Sword of Valeron and a Seonin Warleader on the White side, then a Patient Rebuilding and Psychic Corrosion on the blue side, and built up a nice little deck around those. Splash green for Skyrider Patrol, and I can gum up the ground while I push just a bit in the air each time.

Oh, and I pulled the new Nicol Bolas in my prize packs, so, bonus.

Open yet another Ajani from a M19 booster bundle: okay define Mythic again?

I've also reworked my Big Red Brawl deck to hopefully make Jaya a bit more useful, I'm pretty sure that's specifically a 1v1 deck now.

But, I have now broken down Life Finds A Way to Come At You Fast, rebuilt Sun Empire Fight Club, and put together Welcome to the Scrambleverse (except the commanders who are still in my Battlebond draft deck at work) and an as-yet-unnamed Vaevictis Asmadi Brawl deck.

Me, to me, while breaking down a deck and staring at my newly-sorted collection: "Don't make me sort my sleeves!"

I can't believe @DialMforMara and I have been ignoring the most important question about Raffi C's Super Friends Flash Mob!

Which card is the bananaphone?

First-pack Ajani at the prerelease: okay this is lucky

First-pack another Ajani for the work sealed league: wait what

@SliverQueen okay, now I want to play Raff Capashen with Nezahal and Slinn Voda and call it Baby Beluga