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Brye, Who Loosed the Hive

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Oh my GODS put this on your Crypt Rats immediately

(And maybe have a Doom Blade to get it past 1/1)

A side quest I have on my low-priority log: Put lifelink on Crypt Rats.

It's kinda super uncomfortable that 'nut drop' is the current slang for the best possible draw from a deck. Like, there's a few different ways to interpret that, and I wouldn't consent to deal with any of them from a stranger.

I may also have ordered the seed cards for a Saproling deck in Standard...

Nonbinary elf confirmed in Dominaria! Next Brawl leader, here I come.

Not great in Pauper tonight either - beat Bogles, but lost to R/B Delver, mono-black, and Tron. At some point I learn to love proven formulas.

Played against a bounce-heavy deck, so the various counter-boosting creatures I run weren't particularly helpful, even when I correctly set off the Coatl/Magus of the Wheel combo. I had burned through all of the opposing countermagic by then and got Bolas on the board, except one last bounce. So, no luck.

Oh, I also have a Masters 25 sealed league match today! I pulled Nicol Bolas in my week 3 pack, so, yeah, had to rework the deck around him, but I also splash green for Lorescale Coatl. Hopefully double Ash Barrens and Coalition Relic will fix enough for that.

Apparently there are many things called pack war? What I would mean is:

Open a pack. Other than the token, shuffle it up without looking at the cards (if there's a double sided card in there, that makes things harder, set it aside too and hope you got a checklist to stand in for it). That's your library. Your opening hand is four cards, plus three basic lands of your choice; whenever you draw a card, either take the top of your library or any basic land. Play as normal.

Flash challenge: play by post pack war, anyone?

(No sealed product around? Dig in your chaff and grab a rare, three uncommons, and eleven commons.)

The deck that I'm taking my current display name from:

That was the first deck I played at competitive enforcement level, at GP Seattle a couple weeks ago. With some luck, I went 5-3, and gotta say I'm pretty happy with that result.

I threw together a U/G Infect deck for Pauper night at LPS this week, but I'm trying to make it just a bit more robust - use equipment and counters instead of one-shot tricks, plus a few Proliferates. Counterspell and Brainstorm, of course.

We'll see how it runs.

I met last weekend at GP Seattle, and she was absolutely the sweetest and most badass. So, so thrilled that she's on this PPR.

She's also an infosec professional in her other life, so basically she's who I want to be when I grow up.

Dominaria pre-pre-release going live very soon!

( is not afiliated with LoadingReadyRun)

(... yet??)

So about a month ago, Card Kingdom started including Saproling tokens with all their singles orders. At first I thought it was just being cute, but now it's pretty clear they had the Dominaria spoilers and were just preseeding everyone's Tendershoot Dryad / Verdant Force decks.

We now have custom emoji for mana colors!
:white: :blue: :black: :red: :green: :colorless:


I’m Mara, the other admin. I started playing Magic in grad school during Origins; I made a GW Elves deck because someone told me was the cheap, fun format. (They lied.)
The best part of Magic is the lore; the worst part is losing to control.
I play Elves and Dinosaurs in Commander; RB Aristocrats in ; Merfolk & white weenie in ; RB Pirate combo in RIX . Really looking forward to mono-green.