I'm gonna have to collect all the foxes and otters and Do Art To Them, aren't I?

Ikoria official preview, otter 

Passed my Rules Advisor quiz! Maybe again! In any case now I get to learn all the non-game parts of judging

Someone talk me out of sorting all my loose boosters chronologically

D&D MtD subtoot 

Alright, what beats up on Temur Rec in Standard right now?

I saw saw someone yesterday refer to [[Cauldron Familiar]] / [[Witch's Oven]] combo as Cookie Cat and now I will never refer to it as anything else

Oops I ended up in a league and have to submit a Standard decklist by Tuesday

Mono-blue? Mono-red? UW tempo? WG Bogles? WBG auras?


Damn if [[Labyrinth of Skophos]] isn't growing on me. It's expensive, but completely blanks their biggest creature, or makes their blocking math utterly impossible.

Welp I think that my Muldrotha rat/squirrel build is going to have to be silver-border.

Extremely valuable cards 

Holy moly we've got *35* people for the THB Sealed league at work. Previous leagues have been low twenties. This is gonna be *great*.

Oh what I would give to be able to cast [[Allure of the Unknown]] with [[Remand]] up

Round three got my revenge on Ashiok, though game three was kind of a feel-bad win with my opponent stuck on three lands and missing a color.

MVPs: Treefcake, Enemy of Enlightenment, Omens, Setessan Champion. Special shout out to the two double-white rares in my pool with zero other support in that color.

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Second prerelease status: junding them all the way out

Turns out that cheap sac outlets make Act of Treason effects extremely playable. Also, Treefcake is an absolute bomb, made a four land hand—without my main color—perfectly keepable.

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