Round three got my revenge on Ashiok, though game three was kind of a feel-bad win with my opponent stuck on three lands and missing a color.

MVPs: Treefcake, Enemy of Enlightenment, Omens, Setessan Champion. Special shout out to the two double-white rares in my pool with zero other support in that color.

Second prerelease status: junding them all the way out

Turns out that cheap sac outlets make Act of Treason effects extremely playable. Also, Treefcake is an absolute bomb, made a four land hand—without my main color—perfectly keepable.

Went 3-0 with a win in the mirror match, despite my opponent landing Nylea both games! Game 2 actually went to time, I almost closed it out but didn't notice 's blocker had grown, we'd exiled each other's Enemies, and I held out to draw the game and win the match.

Then it was 11:30 and I went the fuck home.

Big finisher is Enemy of Enlightenment, once your opponent is out of gas and hope and you just slam a 5/5 flyer

*chef's kiss*

Prerelease so far: 2-0 with a grindy GBw constellation deck, splashing for Elspeth and Heliod's Pilgrims (which then tutor for more removal auras). It takes forever but just slams the door when it's done.

We doing THB nicknames yet? For [[Dryad of the Ilysian Grove]] I'm thinking 'Treefcake'

I feel like you should have told me about the fire BEFORE you used it to open the way.


Oh hey, we're back.

Anyway, Dominaria draft is live on Arena and I went 7-2 with this hilarious pile

Terrible alcohol idea, Theros preview 

Okay but [[Doom Foretold]] into [[Dance of the Manse]] is actually super fun??

Oh hey, I hear Arena friend lists are live. I'm Memnus#58602.

Hm, @askurza doesn't like Adventure names, apparently? [[Murderous Rider]]

Grinding on Arena with Autumn Burchett's Golgari Adventures list and wow is that spicy. Doubling your [[Swift End]] is just so satisfying, four life is a small price to pay for three-for-oneing your opponent off the face of the planet.

It's Brawl Day on Arena and I beat Feather with a Jace self-mill so I am feeling very accomplished

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