Maybe run [[Brion Stoutarm]] in there too, strictly for the mental image of him throwing eggs at my opponents and giant monsters coming out

Picked up the C19 precons and Egg Tribal here I come

Onumbrica card 

Gah UI lag and misclicks are a terrible combination


Social weirdness 

Today's Oathbreaker deck idea: Turn 3 [[Nissa, who Shakes the World]]; turn 4 [[Planewide Celebration]] to 4x proliferate into Nissa's ult, now you have 24 indestructible forests on the board.

note: Our provider is switching over to new proxy servers, which means we're getting a different IP address. There may be some flakiness while the DNS updates resolve.

Hey @Tayatranscendent would it be too confusing to buff the kitty with an [[Octopus Umbra]]?

D&D: Oops I minmaxed 

D&D: Oops I minmaxed 

Hit Gold tier in limited with a draft deck that includes 3x Ill-Gotten Inheritance, 3x Final Payment, about seven Afterlife cards, and Vindictive Vampire.

Your life total? My life total?

Turn one: land.
Turn two: land, Pillar or Origins.
Turn three: land, Venom Sliver, Diffusion Sliver.
Turn four: land, Cryptolith Rite, Dormant Sliver.

At this point, the player before me makes a critical mistake, casting [[Aluren]]. Note that I already have a draw engine on board, and the mana up to cast a five-drop with cascade.

So, turn five I land about eight more Slivers, ending with a Harmonic Sliver to destroy the Aluren.

Played Commander with coworkers. Wasn't sure what the power level would be, so started with Tatyova; I was identified as "most likely to explode out of nowhere" and basically prevented from having a board state. I did manage to land Multani, then got summarily removed from the game for resolving Scapeshift.

Okay, if that's how it's gonna be, I can step to that table. Normally I play random Slivers, but decided to craft a power 50, with [[The First Sliver]] at the head.

New domain suspension:, for SWERF-n-TERF dogwhistling, and giving money to Gab.

Gonna go home and see if I can Cavalcade some folks off the face of the planet

LRR is currently drafting a cube of ML-generated cards and it's a thing of beauty:

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