Cut as few cards as possible. Play the 48 card deck. You deserve it.

New GRN draft pick order:
- Rare (yes any rare)
- Gate payoffs
- Gold card (yes any gold card)
- Gate
- Lowest CMC remaining

I may try this at LPS some week.

Okay fine I went back to 17 lands, pulled in the two Gateway Plazas because I have so many multiple-pip cards

Still, what even is this deck. (Main is Jeskai, "sideboard" is the Sultai deck from the first two weeks of the league.)

Fuck it. I'm dropping to 16 lands to put CFG in, because that plus Erratic Cyclops plus Resurgence is basically a fatality.

They're both bad cards. They're both bad cards. They're both bad cards...

Gods help me, my new pack in this league handed me enough red that I'm tempted to put both Chance for Glory and Experimental Frenzy into a Jeskai deck

Welp, I'm not in first place in the GRN Sealed league anymore. Though it speaks well to the deck that I wasn't really doomed until I was holding five lands in hand, with seven cards in my deck, and drew District Guide...

Okay, my next Brawl deck is definitely going to be Vraskalings.

I can no longer read Camaraderie as anything but Homosexuality, thanks @ajanionthespot!

Selesnya mirror match, kind of a board stall but I'm definitely behind. Opponent gets overconfident at 20 life, taps down everything for a Worldsoul Colossus.

Joke's on you, I've got eight attackers and have been holding back Flower // Flourish, and deal 21 damage in a turn. Sucker.

Trying out a new name for a while. Still your friendly neighborhood Sliver Queen, though.

The drugstore near my house has a box of Gatecrash, which, what? Packs seem to be going for $4.50 which seems high.

What fool called it Dimir thrash rock and Heavy Meddling

(And for that brief moment, I was in undisputed first place out of 26 in the league, because nobody else had played any matches yet)

Underworld Lich into Golgari Findbroker into Molderhulk ... wow does that feel good. Here I thought that deck wasn't going to be good.

Remains to be seen how it does against aggro, though.

I went 1-0-2 on the night because my Dimir nonsense was slow as hell.

who called it R/G/B flyers and not Jund 'Em Wing?

My starting pool for this league is nothing spectacular, my only bomb rare is Underworld Lich. Without a lot of support in Golgari, I'm playing Dimir with a green splash, and we'll see how that goes.

Other rares: Connive//Concoct, which seems like sideboard against Boros or certain Selesnya bombs; Erratic Cyclops and Experimental Frenzy without good Izzet support, and Sacred Foundry and Chance for Glory without much Boros support.

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