That moment when the list you thought you were putting together more or less as a silly thought experiment might just be Good

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Oh hey, Nexus of Fate is now banned in best-of-one on Arena. Good riddance.

A Brazilian Magic blogger shares stories of sexual harassment in the global Magic community.

This is why Lady Planeswalkers is so important: it's the first place I ever really felt safe playing Magic.

Snow week is putting a one-week delay into the Sealed league at work - which pushes the end past the point where I'll be on leave. Oops.

Wizards is doing a player survey. Tell them how you like to play Magic.

Concerned about the increased focus on digital Magic? Tell them. Unhappy with how they're handling and scheduling pro events? Tell them that too. Wondering why nobody's talking about Brawl anymore? Say so.

Ah yes, the matchmaking algorithm that matches a Pauper deck against a TurboFog deck

Getting the urge to build a Rats Commander deck. The missing part is how to keep it from running out of gas, or how to recover from a board wipe. Patriarch's Bidding is a start, for sure, but that's one out of the hundred.

That's my three matches for the round, so I open a new pack which hands me Revival // Revenge and Fireblade Artist ... *wow*.

I don't understand how this deck is 3-0, what is happening (other than an extraordinarily unlikely pile of clutch rips)

With Magic being ported to D&D, I suddenly realized I wanted to port an older D&D mechanic into Magic. Show more

Turns out that the "every Mythic card I own on Arena" deck is not only garbage, it gets paired against tier one decks and thus splattered even harder. Weird.

(Three losses in a row followed, which seems more correct.)

This deck is *complete and utter garbage* and I'm currently 4-0 with it.

It's running Junktroller, for crying out loud, and that card just won me a game against a Mill deck, as we fought over if I could get one card onto my library before my draw step. (Opponent would have won, but conceded instead ... oops.)

(Not pictured: Seven gates)

Which was the sequel to "I just Mass Manipulation'd your board, and you spent your 6-drop removal on your own creature?"


"Oh, you've only got five power on the board? And are tapped out to activate your Twilight Panthers? Gosh, what a shame..."


I'm gaining new respect for (came in like a) Wrecking Beast. It's been my finisher for two draft games in a row now, and I'm 5-2 with that deck.

Welp, my Rakdos sealed deck won a match despite itself ... was holding back Dagger Caster and topdecked a Blade Brand while I was staring down two Knight-Arbiters at 3 life, kinda the definition of the "lucky out". Game two I was also staring down an 8/10 Incubation Druid but I'd resolved Judith and already traded my Debtors' Transport, and it turns out 2 2/1 flyers were enough of a clock.

Should probably run a different deck in the next match though.

I'm also learning that my distaste for MTGO extends even as far as watching someone play it.

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