Twitter link to persona non grata 

Cryptic, but this is a good sign right? Kelman is out?

Me: First pick Tergrid? Don't mind if I do

Me: Eh this draft deck isn't that great

My opponent: [[Waking the Trolls]] destroying my only mountain

My opponent: Makes four 4/4 troll tokens

Me: *wins anyway*

Kaldheim nickname TTC spoiler 

Cracked up the entire crew with this one

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Gruesome death 

TIL that there are multiple telefrags in Magic canon

"This is definitely a 'welcome to the jam' situation."

Final game of that draft I beat a Starnheim Unleashed without either mythic, just aggro'd them out with berserkers (and bringing a Doomskar Titan back for a second pass)

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Oh I figured it out, just open Valki/Tibalt and be passed Burning-Rune Demon

Meanwhile I have yet to run better than 3-3 in a Kaldheim draft and it's getting extremely frustrating

If ravens are supposed to be so smart, how did this one get in a fight with a boat and lose, huh? checkmate

Sealed deck brag 

Koma and Valki/Tibalt in the same pool? Don't threaten me with a good time.

Final record: 7-2

Latest Magic story, ending reaction 


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Latest Magic story quote. 

Badass sea goddess. Okay.

Webcam prerelease 

First two rounds: grindy as hell, going all the way to time, lose one win one

Third round: Opponent deeply mana screwed

Fourth round game one: Milled my opponent's first Vorinclex, fed a second one to the serpent, he scooped on the spot

Fourth round game two: He taps out for a 7/6 giant, I promptly drop Kaya to exile it, he scoops again

... Okay then. 3-1 it is and I can take a walk.

All I want to do
Is pay 1 :red: and :blue:
For a Giant Wizard (a Giant Wizard!)
And all I want to see
Is power/toughness 3
On a Giant Wizard

Kaldheim card nickname 

[[Replicating Ring]]: Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ... ring ... a mana rock!

Hooooooooly shit the Rebecca Leveille kickstarter survey is out and gods. damn.

This stuff is so pretty and sometimes only borderline LGS safe...

Kaldheim nickname ideas 

[[Axgard Braggart]]: Pack 1 pick 1 common??

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