It strikes me that the most hilarious way to get creatures back into my library would be a discard outlet and Eldrazi Titans.

I think I know how to rebuild my Angel tribal deck to actually work - it's an [[Atla Palani]] deck, with a bunch of sac outlets, and the only creature cards are expensive angels. Also, hopefully, ways to get cards from my hand back into my library.

The particular flavor win here - pun intended - would be Witch's Oven

Nasty combo for Commander 

Crack-a-pack: BFZ 

Crack-a-pack: BFZ 

Crack-a-pack: BFZ 

Crack-a-pack: BFZ 

In honor of Venqwyn's expedition home, I'm gonna crack a pack of BFZ! Rest of thread will be unlisted.

I've never played this set before, so have no idea what's good.

Oh hey, I figured out how to beat [[The Great Henge]] in limited! In fact two ways!

- Memory Theft to force a discard, then Covetous Urge to steal it from the graveyard
- Mill it away with Eye Collector

Pretty sure I actually collected 14 eyes in that second game. Pretty unfair draws.

Okay is it just me or is this *another* utter garbage sealed pool? Rares include [[Folio of Fancies]] and [[Happily Ever After]].

Oh hey there's someone else in the office sealed league that's not a cis guy

This is the first time that's happened

Oh jeez I have two Muldrothas. I could build one full-power Muldrotha and one Rodent Tribal.

3-1 at two headed prerelease. I was on mono green big stuff, my partner on RB knights. Final turn:

-Turn their Syr Konrad into an elk
-Play our own Konrad
-Attack with Shrek-With-A-Lance and Garenbrig Paladin, their blocks are all sad
-Sacrifice Gingerbrute and Haggle away a creature to kill them.

It was a good afternoon.

Prerelease: pool feels pretty garbage, including Castle Ardenvale and Castle Garenbrig, with weak support in white and green. Stormfist Crusader pushed me into Rakdos knights, and I splashed white for a couple things. Round one I managed to overpower a foods deck, but round two I got horrifically mana screwed so out goes the white. We'll see how round 3 goes.

Crack-a-Pack: Lorwyn (end thread) 

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