Okay if I had time for it I'd be really tempted by the Sealed Commander format in the latest Friday Night Paper Fight: Each player's sealed pool is a complete box.

Potential twist: coordinate commander picks so there's not a lot of color overlap, then after each game, trade decks with another player, then upgrade your new deck with cards you didn't use in your old one.

‪"We told stories about the gods, then we told stories about the stories. But they were only the stories we wanted to hear."‬
‪-Venqwyn Mistseeker‬
‪Written by @SliverQueen

DeQuan joins Michelle of the Loregoyfs to talk about what makes MTG fun for him. Please be sure to check out his work, including the Color of Magic podcast, Twitch, and an awesome Youtube channel.



Did I catch transmasc representation in the Gruul NPCs in the latest Bloody Nightingale episode, @theloregoyfs?

Gardening pickup line, and why I'm currently sweaty 

Girl, is your power 3 or greater? Because you just dealt lethal damage to that [[Wall of Vines]]


Don't mind me, just another card that needs to be uploaded somewhere Untap can reach it.

Anyone looking for Magic the Gathering-related writing work: the Card Kingdom blog is looking for new writers.

-pitches generously accepted
-editing smart but not harsh
-I feel like my work is appreciated
-my request to change the pronouns in my author bio was accepted without hesitation.

Downsides: this is a marketing job. Everything you publish comes with the subtext "we want readers to buy MtG products from Card Kingdom."

DM me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

Today's mental image brought to you by Jumpstart is a a myr holding a [[Malefic Scythe]] in each hand, screaming what can only be translated as "Come at me!!"

Silly custom card 

Paws for reflection - :white: :green:


Each player creates a 1/1 white and green Cat token for each attacking or blocking creature they control. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

(Oh wait this is completely broken with Questing Beast and/or Stomp)

I didn't choose the tempo life, I imprinted on the tempo life watching Mythic Championship 1. (Pteramander says what?)

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Tempo is stressful as hell and I'm a little peeved that I seem to be good at it

I first-picked [[Primal Might]] but it ended up being the only green card in a mopey-feeling UB deck, and I swear I won four games at under 5 life. White-knuckles but still hit the 7-2

I find my current opponent's combination of Lukka avatar and United States flag sleeves to be deeply, bitterly appropriate.

Especially when I'm repping Vivien.

Hello Fediverse! The Loregoyfs are happy to make wubrg.social our Mastodon home. Check us out at soundcloud.com/user-438748113.

Seems like a week off from Arena is what I needed. Just went 7-2 in draft with 2x [[Indulging Patrician]] and three Sanctums, aka "Lesbians' Blessings"

I have more 2/2 black Zombie tokens than I have all blue tokens combined.

Watching the M21 preprerelease and the North 100 conversation about [[Brash Taunter]], and realizing that if I wanted to getinto Canlander, there are definitely worse places for me to start than Wildfire / Armageddon / Stuffy Doll hijinx...

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