The werewolves are returning to the streets. Nature is healing.

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Aww, we ran across a werewolf triad wedding

Graphic mental image 

"Cracking the goblin pinata": Encoring an [[Impulsive Pilferer]], cloning the trigger, to get six treasure tokens from their deaths

Commander Legends prerelease moments: Hans Eriksson discovering a dragon egg, punching it (but not hard enough to crack it), then taking it with him on his journey

: WUBRG will be defederating from mastodon.social this coming Tuesday (October 6). Their moderators haven't been dealing with bad actors well, and this is the tool we have to keep ourselves safe and hopefully give them a wakeup call.

If you've got friends on .social who want to move, I can recommend instances. If you're inviting friends to join wubrg, please let me know so I can be appropriately welcoming.

Sometimes a squid with a knife just goes all the way.

Amazing that I can go 5-3 on a draft and still feel terrible at this game.

Dream journal 

I had a Magic deck, but was playing the Star Wars CCG and trying to shoehorn the cards into equivalent ones. My opponent was on Dark Side, and I was pretty sure they weren't following some of the obscure rules, but it's been so damn long since I played that game that I wasn't sure.

I feel like I tried to combine those two games even when I played them both, and it didn't work then either.

Turns out [[Radha, Heart of Keld]] makes for a *fun* landfall Brawl commander. Not unbeatable in any sense, but really fun.

(Nahiri made the knife. She's trying to expand her repertoire beyond red-hot swords.)

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Last night's Arena mental image: [[Sea Gate Colossus]] with a Swiss Army Knife and a flimsy set of wings

Okay if I had time for it I'd be really tempted by the Sealed Commander format in the latest Friday Night Paper Fight: Each player's sealed pool is a complete box.

Potential twist: coordinate commander picks so there's not a lot of color overlap, then after each game, trade decks with another player, then upgrade your new deck with cards you didn't use in your old one.

‪"We told stories about the gods, then we told stories about the stories. But they were only the stories we wanted to hear."‬
‪-Venqwyn Mistseeker‬
‪Written by @SliverQueen

DeQuan joins Michelle of the Loregoyfs to talk about what makes MTG fun for him. Please be sure to check out his work, including the Color of Magic podcast, Twitch, and an awesome Youtube channel.



Did I catch transmasc representation in the Gruul NPCs in the latest Bloody Nightingale episode, @theloregoyfs?

Gardening pickup line, and why I'm currently sweaty 

Girl, is your power 3 or greater? Because you just dealt lethal damage to that [[Wall of Vines]]


Don't mind me, just another card that needs to be uploaded somewhere Untap can reach it.

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