Hey remember when I was saying that permanents could have Storm? They've gone and done it. On a legendary, no less, with the clause "this isn't legendary if it's a token".

Storm permanent example 

Stormy Crow - 2 :blue:

Creature - Bird

Storm, flying


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Huh, with the "copies of permanent spells create tokens" codification, there's suddenly no reason that a permanent couldn't have Storm.

Guy Fieri's new combo deck 

Forks, Phreadnoughts, and Flings

Okay, I admit that turn 1 [[Inquisition of Kozilek]] taking away the only non-black card in a hand with no Swamps is rude.

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Is casting [[Tendrils of Agony]] at storm count 2, while opponent is at 1 life, BM?

What if [[Witherbloom Apprentice]] is on board so the game ends with the storm trigger still on the stack?

Prerelease number two:
- Open Prismari pack
- Build Abzan deck
- Go 3-1 with basically a five-pack pool

Turns out mythics are busted!

[[Exponential Growth]] into [[Charge Through]], the dream has been lived

Quandrix is amazing, I have played probably 150 power worth of Fractals over the course of five games

Thanks [[Body of Research]]!

"But Lilian, isn't that usually less than two weeks after the major professional conference you have to go to every year in Vegas?"

Yes. You see how far I have fallen.

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Gods help me, I want to go to the next MagicFest Vegas.

Twitter link to persona non grata 

Cryptic, but this is a good sign right? Kelman is out?

Me: First pick Tergrid? Don't mind if I do

Me: Eh this draft deck isn't that great

My opponent: [[Waking the Trolls]] destroying my only mountain

My opponent: Makes four 4/4 troll tokens

Me: *wins anyway*

Kaldheim nickname TTC spoiler 

Cracked up the entire crew with this one

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Gruesome death 

TIL that there are multiple telefrags in Magic canon

"This is definitely a 'welcome to the jam' situation."

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