Hot dang, I just went 7-2 in an DOM draft - I think that's the first time I've gone to the end on wins! I was playing W/B hoping-for-knights but not, though I got Arvad and Aryel. A splash for Shanna gave me a bit of a tokens subtheme, and it just kind of all worked.

And with cracking the rest of my Unstable, I can upgrade my Limited lands kit - twelve full art lands of each basic type, plus plenty of empty sleeves.

The article I wrote for Card Kingdom is up! It's about building decks, with a focus on modifying their Tajic precon.

I may want to bring more direct reanimation into Mimeoplasm - why take just one bomb out of the bin, when you can take more of them?

Also, consider the possibilities of allied players - convince them to let their Commander go to the bin, so you can get a copy of it, then they send it back to the command zone when it's exiled.

Not to alarm anybody, but there's a playset of Khans fetch lands up for auction, all proceeds going to charity, and bids close this evening:

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Hot dang, LPS took my idea for a GRN/M19/DOM draft! This is gonna be wacky.

Today's moment of surreality is discovering a trail of Magic cards outside the local nerdy tea shop, one every few feet, like somebody's bag had sprung a leak and was dripping with each step. The trail went on for a block and a half, only to disappear (or I failed my Track check).

45 cards, 2013–2015, no value or obvious theme, though some of them may have been half of a simple mono black deck.

Well. Down to 100. Anyone want to give it a run or three on the spreadsheet?

Oh hey, I forgot I'd randomized the order a bit in the pairing script, I don't have a bye after all! I can come by my 2-6 record honestly

Only going to avoid last place (of the non-drops) in the office Sealed league by virtue of a last round bye. That feels bad when you're the one running the league.

Current combo goal: Use Lazav to copy a dead Muldrotha, then play Muldrotha from the graveyard

Now you can play *two* cards of each type!

Ahh, Mimeoplasm's ETB isn't a targeted effect, so I'm a bit protected from targeted graveyard spite. Broad-spectrum spite is still a problem, though.

Welp, just adding my decent mill cards and big monster friends has me up to 95 cards

That's ... a lot of cutting, and I have to go to bed

Alright, friends, time to build a Mimeoplasm EDH deck.

Categories of card to fill it:
- Early game survival/ramp (green)
- Mill, of self and others; preferably symmetric (blue, black)
- Big old monster friends (black, green)

Relatedly, I think I found a deck that wants to play Yargle.

Ugh, TTC is actually getting me hyped for UMA, what is happening to me

I am glad I don't cackle in paper Magic the same way I do in Arena. That would be amazingly rude.

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