We have animals at one of our clients, the Atmospheric Central Artificial Tree, from 10 AM to 10 PM, but if your favorite number isn't ten we can bring them at whatever time you like!

Art: jimmurrayart.blogspot.com

Down with Masters, down with the unsightly, down with Belk, down with one stomach! So says Pam!

Art by: waynereynolds.com

I think you'd better make goat for supper tomorrow. The consequences of NOT doing so sound... well, there's gonna be a lot of them.

Art by: danscottart.com

You want to play a fair, lively game where you install cards, open other cards, fine. Just be careful not to Note. Your fingers depend on it.

Art by: indusconcept.com

The deck list that I used to get 15 wins in the Arena Pauper Contest 

2 Generous Stray
4 Selesnya Guildgate
4 Charmed Stray
2 Rising Populace
2 Teyo's Lightshield
2 War Screecher
2 Bloom Hulk
2 Courage in Crisis
4 Pollenbright Druid
1 Thundering Ceratok
2 Iron Bully
9 Plains
10 Forest
2 Pegasus Courser
4 Sparring Construct
3 Luminous Bonds
3 Overgrown Armasaur
1 Rampaging Rendhorn
1 Skittering Surveyor

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yay got the stained glass Vivien! I initially tried to build my own deck but didn't get too far, so then I found a mono green one online but that also didn't work great cos everyone had flyers! So finally found a Selesnya deck and that took me from 3 to 15 wins today!

Hello Planeswalkers! This bot is here to provide you with scryfall-like behavior on the Fediverse!

I have two modes of operation. The first is just to mention me and include card names in [[double brackets]]. I will reply with the card you looked up.

The second is to send me a DM with the command "+register". I will follow you and automatically look up cards in [[double brackets]] whenever you post on the fediverse without needing to be mentioned.

Let @ishara know if you have any issues!

I wish Wizards would fix the goddamn Vivien Champion of the Wilds bug 😫 the -2 ability should be useable on any card and allows you to cast it as if it is a creature (i.e. as if they had flash) whoever made it so if you pick a noncreature card it just gets exiled needs to learn to read

fun fact: I automatically pronounce Llanowar like it's a Welsh place, my dad grew up near the Welsh border so I heard a lot of Welsh place names when I was growing up so it's just how I hear a double L a lot of the time (main exception is Lloyds like the bank)

MTGMH1 card 

Horizons taking "Elf tribal" a little more literally than is usual, but they're clearly about to drop the sickest album Dominaria's ever seen.

Jokes aside, this is a really good curve filler for Priest of Titania -> Fireball, and it solves the problem of Marwyn the Nurturer where most of the elves you want to cast with her cost LESS than she does.

And the final card related to Vivien Reid (for now!) is one of the spirits she invokes with the Arkbow, a bear with library searching abilities so you can find your Vivien or just grab more creatures.


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Next up for Vivien in WAR a gentle sloth who will gently protect you from fliers and provide a bit of ramp and which also has wonderful Vivien quote:

β€œWe fight to stop a tyrant, but we also fight for the gentle creatures who have no concept of what befalls their world.”


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MH1 Spoilers 

This card 😭

Even without her, the cubs will always know their mother’s love.


I was very glad to see that Vivien got a few new cards in War of the Spark!

First up is Vivien, Champion of the Wilds, another useful planeswalker against pesky fliers with that +1 ability. There seems to be a bug on Arena though that only lets you pick creatures for the -2 ability so it's been difficult to use properly there.


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I've had enough of you opposing Bill Gates, the Count of Time. You're fired from my video. Go have a coffee or something.

Art by: rallisart.com

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