I wanted to see a Wolf Fight, but the Biology People rotated out the Living Things till all there was left was coyotes and wild dogs.

Original: scryfall.com/card/mid/165/vill
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Art: Nestor Ossandon Leal

Put enough +1/+1 counters between your babies, and when the time comes, they'll live to the best of their ability. This parenting tip brought to you by Secret Wolves.

Original: scryfall.com/card/vow/213/pack
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Art: artstation.com/april-prime

Irene sounds like the type that shows up at every city council meeting like she's going to get first place in some sharing her opinion tournament.

Original: scryfall.com/card/vow/179/sure
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Art: liesetiawan.com/

I did a hybrid sealed with Crimson Vow and Midnight Hunt boosters, 6 of each, and have built a RG wolves and werewolves deck which I'll be playing soon against my partner's hybrid sealed deck! tappedout.net/mtg-decks/vowmid

We'll return to the irregularly scheduled "translate all the sagas" stretch I was apparently on, but I had to take a break for Lil' Pupper.

Turns out, the flavor text agrees.

Art: jehanchoo.com

Don't try surfing, living life, or removing things from the surfle pit without a +1/+meter gauge. Until you've got one all you can do is go to sleep.

Art: rahnart.com/

lol just coming up with ideas for a Shakespeare themed set and started giggling at the idea of a bear that exiles cards

Over an hour later and the wincon ended up being the fact that the blue deck had an artifact (Birthing Boughs) that was creating 2/2 creature tokens and the black deck ran out their hand and couldn't keep removing the tokens, so a few rounds of that and black was out of health. We really thought it was going to be a case of whoever ran out their library would be the loser lol

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Had the most hilarious time yesterday playing two of Card Kingdom's Battle Decks against each other, we've picked up a selection of decks and randomly decided to start with Naysayer (mono blue) and Black Death (mono black).

A few turns in and we realised there were no wincons at all, the blue deck was entirely counter spells and the back was entirely creature removal, so neither of us were putting down creatures and if we did they were countered or removed very quickly

We have animals at one of our clients, the Atmospheric Central Artificial Tree, from 10 AM to 10 PM, but if your favorite number isn't ten we can bring them at whatever time you like!

Art: jimmurrayart.blogspot.com

Down with Masters, down with the unsightly, down with Belk, down with one stomach! So says Pam!

Art by: waynereynolds.com

I think you'd better make goat for supper tomorrow. The consequences of NOT doing so sound... well, there's gonna be a lot of them.

Art by: danscottart.com

You want to play a fair, lively game where you install cards, open other cards, fine. Just be careful not to Note. Your fingers depend on it.

Art by: indusconcept.com

The deck list that I used to get 15 wins in the Arena Pauper Contest 

2 Generous Stray
4 Selesnya Guildgate
4 Charmed Stray
2 Rising Populace
2 Teyo's Lightshield
2 War Screecher
2 Bloom Hulk
2 Courage in Crisis
4 Pollenbright Druid
1 Thundering Ceratok
2 Iron Bully
9 Plains
10 Forest
2 Pegasus Courser
4 Sparring Construct
3 Luminous Bonds
3 Overgrown Armasaur
1 Rampaging Rendhorn
1 Skittering Surveyor

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yay got the stained glass Vivien! I initially tried to build my own deck but didn't get too far, so then I found a mono green one online but that also didn't work great cos everyone had flyers! So finally found a Selesnya deck and that took me from 3 to 15 wins today!

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