When Tarjuk arrived at the mana terrace after learning of what happened to Tarkir he arrives at the edge of the terrace of desire. There he places his dragonstone and summons a massive smoke cloud that he shapes into his recollection of Tarkir. There he summons a smoke image of himself as he was on Tarkir. There he questions himself tears in his eyes...
"Who are we?"
"Is there a Tarjuk in this new Tarkir?"
"Does anyone we knew still exist?"
"Does Tarkir need saving?"
"Where do we belong?"


After yelling his aggression out to himself, Tarjuk wipes the smoke form of his past self away. Replacing it with how he stands now. Flanked on the sides with those he considers friends. His old clan was gone. He has a new clan now and will support them as he can. Given that revelation and new found feeling of place Tarjuk allows the smoke to diffuse into the air and leaves to join their friends.

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