Preorder culture 

I just got an ad to preorder an upcoming set on arena. Why does am entirely digital product on a digital only platform need a preorder? The effort in making 1 and 1 billion is the same. There is no fear of shortage or other bullshit to require a preorder. Why does this exist?


After yelling his aggression out to himself, Tarjuk wipes the smoke form of his past self away. Replacing it with how he stands now. Flanked on the sides with those he considers friends. His old clan was gone. He has a new clan now and will support them as he can. Given that revelation and new found feeling of place Tarjuk allows the smoke to diffuse into the air and leaves to join their friends.

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When Tarjuk arrived at the mana terrace after learning of what happened to Tarkir he arrives at the edge of the terrace of desire. There he places his dragonstone and summons a massive smoke cloud that he shapes into his recollection of Tarkir. There he summons a smoke image of himself as he was on Tarkir. There he questions himself tears in his eyes...
"Who are we?"
"Is there a Tarjuk in this new Tarkir?"
"Does anyone we knew still exist?"
"Does Tarkir need saving?"
"Where do we belong?"


@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara @Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen are we playing this week? I'm losing track of days and a but frazzled so I've forgotten if we talked about this.

For me the hardest part of magic is brewing. I have too many ideas and not enough time/money to use the decks I build. But here's a pauper list I'm interested in trying.
4 Powerstone Shard
4 Abomination of Gudul
4 Abzan Guide
3 Efreet Weaponmaster
3 Snowhorn Rider
4 Cloudshift
4 Secluded Steppe
6 Island
7 Plains
4 Unsummon
4 Momentary Blink
3 Lonely Sandbar
4 Impulse
2 Ghostly Flicker
4 Journey to Nowhere

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The @DesertBus prizes are up, including this year's iteration of the deck boxes!

Giveaway will be between midnight and 6 AM on Monday the 11th. Maybe jet lag will work in my favor tuning in for these.

So my partner was able to get 3 of 4 precon brawl decks for 20.99 each. Over half off of what you can find them most places. Just couldn't get the Knights deck. My night is planned.

Mtg morning thought 

Have the Orzhov ever tried to indenture the Ravinican worldsoul?

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Planeswalker D&D funny 

NPC: *tells story involving a young couple sneaking off to do “you know what” and getting scared by a monster out in the dark*

Tarjuk: *whispers to Ariel* What do I know?

Ariel: They mean sex.

Tarjuk: Why don’t they just say it?

Ariel: I think they’re embarrassed.

Tarjuk: What do they have to be embarrassed about?

Ariel: I’ve been wondering that for years.

6 Swamp
16 Mountain
4 Return from Extinction
3 Sunflare Shaman
4 Smokebraider
2 Spiteflame Witch
4 Hellspark Elemental
4 Unearth
4 Spark Elemental
4 Lightning Skelemental
3 Ball Lightning
4 Lightning Serpent
2 Flamekin Harbinger
Anyone want to buy me this decklist?

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@Jmaurer doing a 2HG with my son on Sunday. Will probably be Rakdos/Simic

So prerelease is coming up. What guilds have people chosen? I'm taking simic and hoping for a strong temur pool.

Ravinica allegiance spoilers 

My Vorel deck has been waiting for this.

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