Guess I'm playing mono blue midrange with all these Gadwicks...

Been going 3-0 a lot with this super aggro standard 2020 "Feathers" deck, which is so aggro it doesn't have time to play Feathers herself most of the time since it's looking to play a bunch of combat tricks and win by turn 4, so I'm only running two of the namesake card!

(the two images are of the same deck, just sidelist view for those that prefer since for once it fits in a single image)

Went 7-2 with this list.
Gotta say I actually really like Colossus Hammer with any lifelinkers, it's a super strong combo, so even though I tried not to draft it, I picked up this many of them! ^.^

Playing a deck that's both blue and green, capable of quite a bit of mana quite easily, but somehow doesn't run Hydroid Krasis?? It's more likely than you think.
I've had a lot of success (and fun!!) with this list today, so much so that I'll probably refine it some more with a few rare wildcards.

My own take on Bant Ramp. Can do turn 3 Gargos into turn 4 10/10 Hydroid, which is decent enough. :P

This mono green deck is very fun to play, and actually quite strong. I'm recommending it.

Putting [[Colossus Hammer]] on a lifelinker is a good way to go 7-1 it seems. ^.^

[[Feather, the Redeemed]] has gotten really good now with [[Gods Willing]], and is such a blast to play!
This is the list I'm currently running, and it's awesome when you get going with Feather or [[Season of Growth]] not to mention when you got both! ^.^



Act IV: Commence the Endgame has been the weirdest, because instead of being a format it's just a bonus you get, but it does push people into certain types of decks, those with creatures and counters, so I gamed that meta and played control or deathtouch creatures. The Esper list is highly non-optimized but still had a good winrate, and the Vraska list was super fun and had good catch-up.

Used this for the singelton event, was real fun to get to use those cards that are just below the cut usually like Carnival // Carnage!


Been having quite some success with this list, which is nothing fancier than just a shell to play that singelton Bolas I got.
Not totally sure about the sideboard, could use a boardwipe there for aggro, but I've honestly gone 2-0 against mono red twice today so it might only be needed against mono white, which you see even less in Bo3 queues than red.

(The last card in my sideboard being obscured is a The Eldest Reborn).

Jace, Haver of Belts oh so many Belts(the card from Ixalan block(that I can't remember the name of or be :damnation: to look up)) being the winner from proliferate being in WAR? Nah mates, we all slept on this busted rare! It's without a doubt the biggest winner when it comes to proliferate!

Yet another WAR card 

War card + Magical Christmas land 

interesting war spell 

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