Learning how eager WoTC are to reassure us that paper Magic isn't going anywhere has, ironically, made me begin to be concerned about the future of paper Magic


@DialMforMara I am not sure I see the part where they reassure us that paper magic is not going away? Is it to be read between the lines(I am autistic and not super good at that)?

@Ice_In_Disguise First thing to notice is their emphasis on the word "and." This refers to "digital AND paper."

"But amid all the fun and games have been a few questions and concerns about how MTG Arena and the traditional tabletop game will coexist going forward. Will one's needs be placed before the other? Will one subsume the other? Well, we're here to let you know that the best way to describe the relationship between the two platforms as we see it, now and into the future . . . is "And.""

@Ice_In_Disguise This is an extremely jargony way of saying "we're trying to balance these two equally."

"We aren't implementing sweeping reform to anything—formats, rules, products—in an attempt to bend the physical toward the digital. ...

That said, MTG Arena is going to focus on doing some of those things differently or not at all and adding some things that only it can do."

This is where it starts to get into the "separate but equal" territory.

@Ice_In_Disguise And if you've studied US history, you'll know that "separate but equal" is super sketchy at best and a downright lie at worst.

Over the rest of the piece, they spend almost the whole time talking about innovations in Arena, without acknowledging that these innovations will affect how people play the paper game. Because they will, because it's human nature to apply things learned in one situation to other similar situations.

@Ice_In_Disguise They also don't address my main concern, which is that this increase in Arena playership that they're so excited about will take resources away from the paper game, and that the creation of digital-only cards will create a two-tiered system in which the paper game will be second-class and slowly atrophy away.

Since playing digital Magic sets off my anxiety, I only play paper Magic, and thus run the risk of losing my hobby to corporate whims.

@Ice_In_Disguise TL;DR I would not have worried about the future of paper Magic, had Wizards not made a statement telling me not to worry about the future of paper Magic.

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