I've been feeling particularly bad at this game recently, and I really do want to get better at it. I'm not sure how to isolate different skills and drill them, though. Anybody have anything that's worked?


@SliverQueen Depends on what skill level you already are at, and what things it is that you need to work on. I realize it is a hard question, but why are you bad?
Is it that you misread threats, misjudge who is the beatdown or some such thing? Do you simply just play too fast without stopping to consider the options, not playing to your outs or spending valuable cards you need for frivolous reasons?

@Ice_In_Disguise Not playing around possible disruptions, not having enough adaptation in my game plan. Not seeing the most adaptable lines, taking the easy path as often as anything.

@SliverQueen Try consuming LSV videos. I believe he is quite good at narrating his plays, what he is worried about, what of that he can or is willing to play around, why playing around it just does not work sometimes, and also how his plan changes depending on what the opponent plays or what he draws.
Then just slow down in your own play, and try and narrate for yourself.
Maybe that helps, I think it did for me on maybe some subconscious level.

@Ice_In_Disguise I have a hard time adding new video sources to my viewing habits, they don't quite work with my attention patterns, but I'll see what I can do.

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