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*Sigh* Tfw you don't make your gold back in the cube sealed event - because you went 5-1 and got gems instead. :(

Anyway, pictured is my deck, which was just a pool of bonkers planeswalkers and then I added all the removal I had lmao.

The one game I lost was because I scried my [[In Bolas's Clutches]] to the bottom instead of realizing I could've taken their [[Helm of the Host]] over after they equipped it to a [[Beanstalk Giant]]...

Ikoria card 

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EDH Rules Committee take 

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EDH Rules Committee take 

Me, not having played any ranked draft this month: eh, I'll do one draft just to get the extra packs and add to the collection, I can just make it a 1-3 thing and be done with it quickly.
Four matches later: Why do I keep winning? I don't like this format enough to keep going!! :(

Playing a Historic Death and Taxes style deck(it's bad, or at best - not good), but get matched up against a person starting off with Gilded Goose, [[Merfolk Secretkeeper]], but without Venture Deeper and an Arboreal Grazer, and I'm sitting there with 2 [[Meddling Mage]]s desperately trying to remember what [[High Alert]] is called, to the point I start timing out on my second turn trying to look it up on scryfall. I did draw a third Mage and locked them out of all three of those cards. ^.^

Brawlers Guildhall is free for the month if you missed those news, sure wasn't advertised in the client.
You get a [[Bladewing, the Risen]] for your first win, though I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with that either in 1v1 Brawl or Historic(where I believe it is legal?)...

Me: *desperately trying to think of the play that lets me live*

My opponent: oh, they gotta have it! :( *scoops*

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MtG is bullshit 'cause Anax, Hardened in the Forge isn't an ax that's been hardened in the forge.

For the Erebos event I decided to go for some sort of flavour with a mono black control list(Davriel - Erebos, what's the difference?!), but skipping the board wipes since I have so much spot removal and don't need the card advantage since I already discard so many of their cards.
Super fun deck, strong too, can recommend!

Historic is finally back and people are playing the absolute jankiest of jank decks and if you claim I~~ am one of them, that's libel!

Turbo Fog is a thing again(for me at least).
Getting people to scoop after you gain 40 life is truly what Richard Garfield intended!

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Anyone know a good mtg printing website thing? Mtgpress doesn't wanna parse TBD cards and I wanna fix up my cube irl to play without having to do those manually...

Also, this post brought to you by me playing wednesday brawl on a thursday.

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[[Niv-Mizzet, Parun]] and [[Torbran, Thane of Red Fell]] is one :damnation: of a combo I can confirm, but then again, seeing that free [[Lightning Bolt]]s with most cards is good doesn't get you any prices...

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Updated my cube again, some minor stuff from TBD and some minor stuff outside that.

Just had an opponent play [[Stomp]] at the exact moment they ran out of time with a [[Lucky Clover]] out, so before they could choose targets Arena defaulted targets for them(I think).
The default target was, apparently, themselves, so they spent two mana to deal themselves four damage and then promptly scoop. ^.^

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