If you're playing Sultai Midrange, people scoop if you end up on 100 life, but if you're playing Turbo Fog people might not scoop even when you have 1300 life!

Just won a game verus Nexus of Fate.
Because they thought I would scoop, when they had gotten into the loop they apparently discarded their Expansion//Explosion and figured that would be it, but stubborn as I am in wasting those 10-15 seconds it would've taken them to actually win I did not scoop. So they looped Nexus a couple of times, tried to get me to scoop by tapping a lot of lands for a lot of mana, but alas, they scooped way before I even got bored.
Sweetest tasting victory I've ever had!

Reading the Challenger decks decklists is downright hurting me. "Competitive right out of the box" my :damnation:

Modern Horizons prediction: Graveyard order matters cards.

Went 7-2 with this. Lost one due to Arena not letting me counter my own spell to return Dovin's Acuity to hand to gain 2 life and be safe from IGI. Was super fun to mill people out, highly recommend yall trying it.

I sadly did not get to mill an opponent using their own Niv-Mizzet, but I was close! ^.^

I got to test my battlebox today in two games. It went well! ^.^

With the banning of Nexus of Fate, I had to resort to other means of not decking myself, something my decks are prone to do unless they play 2-power 1-drops, and I found the perfect solution in Sanguine Sacrament. In my turbo fog deck it is without a doubt the best fog I have in the late game, easily gaining 20 or more life. Now, it is an instant, so it interacts favorably with Wilderness Reclamation and Primal Wellspring. Having 666 life is basically immortality no?
X was 62, copied 4 times.

Turns out if I am not serious during the draft, and draft a pile and think I am going to go 0-3, 1-3 at best, I actually end up going 7-2. Also its the first time I draft this format. AMA or tell me why I won(I do not know why I won all those games this looks like a terrible pile of cards).

Anybody else experiencing weird matchmaking on Arena? Like it seems to only match me with aggro decks when I am playing my aggro decks, but when I switch to a midrange deck I face midrange, and midrange or control when I play control. Yes, anecdotal evidence, but I have not seen a mono-red deck in two or three days unless I also play /my/ mono-red deck! It is sort of putting a hamper in my anti-aggro control decks to never be matched versus aggro anymore...

I just milled someone.
Using their own Nezahal, Primal Tide.

God, it hurts playing against what is quite obviously a newbie player on Arena, since there is naught you can do to help them not make absolutely terrible plays and improve their strategies.
Just had one give my Ranging Raptor -4/-0 until end of turn and then swing into it with a 1/1. Later on they Repudiated my Vivien's +1 ability instead of waiting a turn and countering the -8. Was in Singleton so there was no second Repudiate to get that one fyi. Just hurts.

Dovin's Acuity is a much better card than I thought it was. Added a single one to a UW control build, and took me one game with it to upgrade it to 2. Then another game later it was 3. Then 4. Now burn players cry when they see me and I get their lunch money.
Had games when I went down to 3 life, but a few turns later with the help of Dovin I was up to ~30.

Four drafts today, but a more impressive 15 wins between them. Getting better.
Gonna have enough gold for another 2 drafts tomorrow, but after that I am out. Just as well because I have gotten a lot of cool new cards I want to try out in constructed! ^.^

Do not trust my draft advice for the new set.
Just did 5 drafts and only got 9 wins between them. >_>

Got around to updating the cube.
I would not mind critique(or praise! :P) on it.
I made the cube this last summer out of boredom, the restriction being that the cards needed a CMC of 4 or below, and a modern card frame, and mostly being legal in modern, with a few exception where needed.


Have finally managed to make a GB deck on Arena that is actually good. Turns out I needed Nullhide Ferox and a few noncreature spells.

Was playing Turbo Fog. My GB opponent stole my lone Teferi, Hero of Dominaria with a The Eldest Reborn. Kind of a bad situation for me since I only have a lone Teferi to deal with opposing planeswalkers.
Still managed to win due to my opponent drawing their deck very efficiently by combining Midnight Reaper, Vraska, Golgari Queen and the extra draw from Teferi with an Underrealm Lich. Right when they had decked themselves, they attacked with the Lich into my Settle the Wreckage
The tilt was real

Wow, I was not aware I needed this card for my turbo fog deck, but I do.

It is the best fog, seeing as how it can attack or block, and then when it does not do that anymore, it gains me a ton of life. Great versus burn obviously, but it also gives you a sort of proactive out against control decks.


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