The absolute joy of rubbing a match win in my rude opponents face who on turn 2(and like continuously throughout that game) went GG after Thought Erasing me and seeing my mediocre hand(I had mulled to five) yet taking another 10 minutes to finish me off(if only I hadn't sided out my Mass Manipulations for some weird reason I could've swung that game easy!).

Just won a control mirror match with 3 minutes and 4 seconds left on my clock, and about 5 minutes on my opponents. Luckily they didn't drag it out any more with a play that would've kept them alive for at least another turn. ^.^
The adrenaline from racing that clock though, woah!! :O

Also, since there's very few T3eferi running around, I'm stoked about getting to run counterspells again. Which ones? All of them!!

[[Teferi, Time Raveler]] and [[The Wanderer]] quite handily shuts down [[Wilderness Reclamation]] decks. Talking from experience with my :blue: :white: :blue: deck. UwU

Just beat a Simic Flash player utterly senseless.

In my defence, they choose to play a deck for which I got 7 one mana cards in my sideboard that utterly wrecks their deck, so it wasn't like I had much of a choice! Not my fault wotc printed Veil of Summer and Mystical Dispute... :P

Made two good Brawl decks now that we got it on Arena, and boy oh boy is Nissa and Golos good(the latter when I don't die to my horrible manabase) and fun!

I love it, really looking forward to playing lots and lots more brawl now! ^.^

Me: Maybe my opponent will target my [[Bonecrusher Giant]] even though they're at one...
Me: Nah, I'll just wait for them to tap out(they were UG flash) and then shock them.
My opponent: [[Petty Theft]] your Giant so I can alpha strike yooooooh :damnation:

Also, with how they do bannings on Arena, you get a rare wildcard for each Field of the Dead that's in your collection before the update on Wednesday, so if you just want free cards(that you can play in historic) you should spend wildcards on Field now.

They did ban Field of the Dead in standard, not a big surprise there. Will definitely see what kind of control I can play now! ^.^

New format, coincidentally from around when I started, might look into it, though there were two years I didn't play so might be missing out on a bunch of cards...

I never thought I'd see the day when I thought a core set was a better limited format than an expert set, no matter how bad the latter, but ELD and M20 have proven me wrong, oh so very wrong.

Has anybody enjoyed limited ELD? I can't even fathom what kind of player this is supposed to cater to.

Turns out that turning [[Lazav, the Multifarious]] into a [[Drakuseth, Maw of Flames]], untapping and casting [[Bond of Revival]] on your actual Drakuseth is kinda good and game winning.

Ranked ELD draft first next friday, ugh. The boring part of being a free to play player on Arena is this abominable period before ranked drafts begin but after the new set has released, because I have close to nil of the cards yet!! :(

Got to play my cube today!! It was fun!! People had fun!! ^.^

Somewhere on Ravnica:

Bob’s Discount Dark Lore
“Greatness, At Unbeatable Costs!”

Playing UG ramp against Mardu Knights, they got off to a slow start and I managed to get three ramp creatures out by turn 3. Turn 4 I cast Gargos which trades, but turn 5 I cast Agent of Treachery on their lone creature, and then turn 6 Mass Manipulation their two new ones, drawing me three extra cards from Agents trinket text. Turn 7 I cast another Mass Manipulation on their yet two new creatures, promting a scoop. ^.^
I'm so glad I added some blue cards because of the Gadwicks. :P

Guess I'm playing mono blue midrange with all these Gadwicks...

Managed to get to lvl 100 for the set mastery!! ^.^

(I only cheated the last four levels by redeeming the code "FiveBonusLevels" but don't tell anyone!)

Been going 3-0 a lot with this super aggro standard 2020 "Feathers" deck, which is so aggro it doesn't have time to play Feathers herself most of the time since it's looking to play a bunch of combat tricks and win by turn 4, so I'm only running two of the namesake card!

(the two images are of the same deck, just sidelist view for those that prefer since for once it fits in a single image)

Argh, I want ELD to just release already so I can brew up decks and test them!! >:(

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