For some weird reason the tokens in todays FNM @ home (Momir Vig) ain't behaving as tokens, they stay in the yard as cards and when you bounce them they're also suddenly cards, even though on the battlefield they say they're tokens. I cannot fathom the reason as to why.

[[Tatyova, Benthic Druid]] is such a fun (historic) brawl commander, I love it! The resilience is real when all your lands draw you a card. <3
I'm glad I finally got to test this.

They banned Omnath in Brawl, but it ain't banned in todays FNM at home which is historic brawl(which seems to me to inherit the standard brawl bans and then adds some no brainers like meddling mage) because reasons? :blobhyperthink:
It can't be that hard can it?

Did I actually read the ban announcement further than what cards where banned and in what formats?
No, I practice self care and don't need all that in my life.

Do you miss Uro in standard?
Well here is a deck that turns all your stuff into mini-Uros, except it's in Historic(where Uro is still legal), and you won't even play it because it's not good in the deck!
Lotus Cobra even pays for all your spells, get you a sugar daddy like that!

: WUBRG will be defederating from this coming Tuesday (October 6). Their moderators haven't been dealing with bad actors well, and this is the tool we have to keep ourselves safe and hopefully give them a wakeup call.

If you've got friends on .social who want to move, I can recommend instances. If you're inviting friends to join wubrg, please let me know so I can be appropriately welcoming.

Why is it unsurprising to find a minotaur in a giant ear of corn? 

They're well known for occupying a maize.

Mechanically distinct tournament legal cards in Secret Lairs and only Uro banned in standard. -.-
How to stop liking magic so much? It feels not worth it.

me: makes a jank deck with [[Simic Ascendancy]], [[Branching Evolution]], [[Conclave Mentor]] and [[Galloping Lizrog]], only having 7 rares and no mythics so i can face jank with my jank.

Arena: y-you wanna, uh, you wanna play meta decks and Uro piles? Sure thing bud!

Arena: you cant just make 8768 tokens, i'll crash!!

me: haha [[Anointed Procession]] go brrrrrrrrrr

Commander Collection: Green - negative 

Not sure what Sol Ring and Command Tower are doing in the Green Commander Collection, seems like such a waste of space to include things that come with every precon and aren't that expensive even. The art is all that's flashy with it, but any card in those slots would've had new flashy art so...

This brawl deck is super mean with how often it can just bring back it's entire graveyard over and over again.
No white because you don't miss much and I had quests that made me not want white spells.

Fun lil shrine deck, it's very jank but works when facing other jank. [[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]] is only for colorfixing and then activates to play 2 shrines which is very nice early on when setting up.
Once you've 3-5 shrines out you're quite stable. ^.^

Playing some Brawl, using [[Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy]] to cast a turn 5 [[Mass Manipulation]] for 4 things, could've been 5 if they even had had that many permanents left.

too little too late: T3feri and Wilderness Reclamation are getting banned about a year after they should have been, to "freshen up the summer Standard season"

Turn three one mana 6/6 trample is stronk even in historic, and the incredible amount of burn gives this deck a ton of surviveability against any creature deck basically.
Big recommend, and it's real cheap on the wild cards as well!

Todays deck is a monored devotion deck, fueled by the heavy hitting [[Fanatic of Mogis]], which often hits for 8+ damage, and if that doesn't outright kills your opponent on turn 4, the swing afterwards does.
Sadly we don't have [[Burning-Tree Emissary]], but that does enable us to play more cards with double or triple devotion to red instead, which might just be more powerful, because those cards aren't bad actually.

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