too little too late: T3feri and Wilderness Reclamation are getting banned about a year after they should have been, to "freshen up the summer Standard season"

Turn three one mana 6/6 trample is stronk even in historic, and the incredible amount of burn gives this deck a ton of surviveability against any creature deck basically.
Big recommend, and it's real cheap on the wild cards as well!

Todays deck is a monored devotion deck, fueled by the heavy hitting [[Fanatic of Mogis]], which often hits for 8+ damage, and if that doesn't outright kills your opponent on turn 4, the swing afterwards does.
Sadly we don't have [[Burning-Tree Emissary]], but that does enable us to play more cards with double or triple devotion to red instead, which might just be more powerful, because those cards aren't bad actually.

[[Teferi's Ageless Insight]] is one helluva card, enabling this historic turbo fog deck that wins by [[Jace, Wielder of Mysteries]] simply because I got too close to decking myself before I put it in.
[[Frantic Inventory]] is an all star as well, such a fun effect, I'm glad we have two of these cards now!

Was a bit scary to get a huge warning in the middle of the screen all of a sudden, but luckily making 10 new 8/8 Krakens counts as taking a different action, and my opponent died. ^.^

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Playing the 'Inventory Management' deck in this weeks Workshop, and apparently the deck is not ok by Arenas standards of play, because when you play 5ish [[Frantic Inventory]] in a turn with two [[Ominous Seas]] out, it will tell you to take a different action towards the end or the game will result in a draw! :O
Like, I'm sorry, but I didn't make this deck, and am I not advancing the state of the game by thinning my deck massively?

Fnm at home: singelton!
me: plays 60 [[persistent petitioner]]s, but makes all my basic islands have different art.
me: this is the spirit of the format right?

Adding [[Fanatic of Mogis]] instead of [[Flametongue Kavu]] to Historic? Yes please, having another way to burn my opponent out by turn four is nice. ^.^

The wild wild world of people who are upset about Lightning Bolt not making it into historic, one of their arguments being it'd be good for deck diversity, pushing out the apparent duolith of field of the dead and red/gruul aggro.
Yeah mate, I'm sure you'd see less red/gruul if they had effing bolt! :P

Since most jumpstart cards are being added to historic I guess I need to care about those previews as well?

I like how in the workshop the deck Teamwork has Emmara as the deckbox picture, but does Not run that card in the deck. VeRy FuN iNdEeD.

M21 cards 

...aaand the new shrines are also legendary. >_>

After going 5-0 to 5-2 with this first cube draft I managed to eke out the last two wins to go 7-2, the last match being against a turn five Lyra Dawnbringer, which I had to take hit after hit from. Scary! :P
Also note it's a 43 card deck, because I was like "lets see which cards underperform in the first few matches" and then forgot about it until the middle of the last match. o.O

Mark Rosewater says Black Lives Matter, and he needs to work on challenging his own prejudices

let's hold him to that
also, less urgently, lean on him for Jewish rep

Scryfall is making the cards WotC labeled racist harder to stumble across in a casual search.

They're also listening to community feedback and calling on WotC to do more.

Turn 3 kill
-T2 Conspicuous Snoop
-T3 Boggart Harbinger searching for Kiki-Jiki. Snoop now has Kiki-Jiki's ability, so make a zillion copies.
-Use the last copy to copy Harbinger and search for Mogg Fanatic. The Snoop clones now have Fanatic's ability, so sac them for lethal damage.
Follow for more advice.

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