For todays April Fools format I quickly decided to run this evil list and shit on those running one or two of the same card(by running a whooping three(3(!)) cards).
Delicious scoops on turn two when I exile all their Charmed Strays or Ruin Crabs. ^.^

The plane is called Arcavios, but Strixhaven is just a college campus on that? Am I getting that right?

[[Finale of Eternity]]

my finale brings back all the boys from the yard

I've not actually looked at very many of the Kaldheim spoilers, and at this point I feel I'd maybe try and wait for the full set to be out.
From what I've seen it looks ok, not Eldraine level which is nice.

If you're running [[Omnath, Locus of Creation]] in the historic brawl q but my turn two [[Lotus Cobra]] makes you scoop, please, look at your life. -.-


Started the turn with only [[Lotus Cobra]], [[Oracle of Mul Daya]] and [[Tatyova, Benthic Druid]], but cast [[Ancient Greenwarden]] first and a [[Glasspool Mimic]] shortly thereafter.
Also didn't remember that I had [[Akroma's Memorial]] in the deck for haste, so barely managed to cast it.

I've been playing some Legends of Runeterra, the League of Legends CCG, and :damnation: does it blow Arena out of the water by miles and miles when it comes to the economy. So now Arena feels even more miserable for being so stingy... >_>
But LoR is a good game, at least for online, wouldn't beat out some fun paper magic with friends though.

What was the story for ZNR? What happened with Nahiri and Nissa and stuff?

I did it...
I finally did it...
I beat Magic!
I'm finally free!

FNM at home: Historic All Access, play with any cards, even if you don't 'own' them!

Some ppl: Uro piles?? Simic Flash? Goblins?? :O Yes!

They're going to limit us to a maximum of 250 tokens each on Arena, which is fair but boring.

Mana Rhox :green: :white:
Creature - Rhino Druid
:tap: : add :green:
"My existence is based solely on a pun."

Also this deck is so extremely forgiving to errors it's ridiculous.

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It's normal to have tripple [[Craterhoof Behemoth]] on turn 5 in historic brawl right? Right?! :P
[[Paradox Engine]] is banned in EDH for a reason, so not sure why wotc doesn't think it should be here as well(along with Omnath, please ban that too)...

Commander Legends negative 

I am 100% going to seriously pretend this set doesn't exist.
There's just too much design space that really shouldn't have been trodden upon that they did, for imo no valid reason.
I'm not happy with wotc design philosophy over the years wrt EDH, I can think of very few cards they've designed for the format that were good and fun.

For some weird reason the tokens in todays FNM @ home (Momir Vig) ain't behaving as tokens, they stay in the yard as cards and when you bounce them they're also suddenly cards, even though on the battlefield they say they're tokens. I cannot fathom the reason as to why.

[[Tatyova, Benthic Druid]] is such a fun (historic) brawl commander, I love it! The resilience is real when all your lands draw you a card. <3
I'm glad I finally got to test this.

They banned Omnath in Brawl, but it ain't banned in todays FNM at home which is historic brawl(which seems to me to inherit the standard brawl bans and then adds some no brainers like meddling mage) because reasons? :blobhyperthink:
It can't be that hard can it?

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