Not only does good ol' control decks dunks on all the creature decks running around in the Counters event, my old favorite turbo fog does it twice as good, and I don't need to worry about running into mono red because it's terrible versus all the other creature decks! ^.^

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Act IV: Commence the Endgame has been the weirdest, because instead of being a format it's just a bonus you get, but it does push people into certain types of decks, those with creatures and counters, so I gamed that meta and played control or deathtouch creatures. The Esper list is highly non-optimized but still had a good winrate, and the Vraska list was super fun and had good catch-up.

Just beat an opponent with a 44/44 and another 44/44 with indestructible and vigilance.
Two words: Lyra, Angels.

Used this for the singelton event, was real fun to get to use those cards that are just below the cut usually like Carnival // Carnage!

imagining a goblin joining the simic and inventing nitroglycerfrogs

London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

Remember kids, Command the Dreadhorde deals damage to you before Wildgrowth Walker can gain it back for you. Going to zero is therefore not a good idea. Unless you want to help me complete my dailies of course! ^.^

Just won by following up a Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God with a The Elderspell, destroying three planeswalkers(one was mine - for good measure) and ultimating Nicol Bolas! ^.^

Momir Vig Planeswalkers is a thouroughly unenjoyable format. It is determined to an even higher degree upon chance than normal (fun) Momor Vig. Not something I'd miss if they never brought it back again.

Spending 11 rare wildcards on lands, and still playing 4 guildgates :blobhyperthink:
Bolas('s mana cost) truly is evil!

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Been having quite some success with this list, which is nothing fancier than just a shell to play that singelton Bolas I got.
Not totally sure about the sideboard, could use a boardwipe there for aggro, but I've honestly gone 2-0 against mono red twice today so it might only be needed against mono white, which you see even less in Bo3 queues than red.

(The last card in my sideboard being obscured is a The Eldest Reborn).

If you're playing best of three on Arena, please stop getting pissy and scooping during sideboarding. If you're really not into playing the matchup any further, at least finish sideboarding and scoop afterwards, it'd still be shitty, but your opponent'd get one more win on their dailies.
I'm just so sick and tired of people scooping after a single game, or worse, after two games! I really don't understand why they'd do that, they choose to play Bo3 didn't they?

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