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Meanwhile, Sorin Markov is still stuck in a rock.

Sometimes the flavor to Magic cards spoils the plot of the story, but I feel like the flavor in the War of the Spark cards actually *tells* the story this time.

Hopefully Wizards can keep getting this right in the future.

Ohmygosh, I'm playing Arena and my opponent just milled themselves out on Mentor of the Meek triggers when they could've otherwise defeated me before their library ran out.

I hope they were just not paying attention and not that they're a new player, or else I'll feel bad for laughing so much. X3

Other people who are struggling are not your enemy. It really embarrassing that this needs to be explained to conservatives.

War of the Spark, maybe(?) a spoiler, but mostly a subtle detail: 

@SilviaFox, is Zombie Army already a band name? If not, we need to make a death metal MtG band named Zombie Army now.

War of the Spark spoilers: 

War of the Spark spoilers, metagame: 

War of the Spark, potential spoilers, but vague enough you might not consider it a spoiler: 

Meanwhile, Sorin Markov is still stuck in a rock.

Just a little reminder about the best creature token in Magic.

Guess what~

I won Game Day (Store Championship (Ravnica Weekend))!

CW: Selfie, Eye Contact-ish

Well, my draft deck itself isn't great, but I pulled Judith, a Breeding Pool, and a foil Zegana, so I can't complain~

Fell asleep waiting on MTGA to update.

Woke up to the updated client having disconnected due to to a timeout.

Reconnected to the server to find that the client was already outdated and needed to update again.

At my third Prerelease. On my first, I went 2-1; second I went 3-0; Rakdos and Temur decks respectively.

Doing Temur again, but a much different flavor from last time.

I don't have the mana fixing I'd like, but heck, there's so much power here. I feel like I need to try and run it.

I could probably easily get Platinum rank in MTGArena, but I need to actually focus on putting time into it.

"Legendary Creature — Elf Ooze Wizard"


Sounds like someone from Mastodon.

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