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Bad news: is no longer a supported format on . You have to search for Standard instead.

I would like to know why this was changed. I liked having a one-term query for Brawl commanders. Now it's something like

(is:commander or t:planeswalker) f:standard

Update: the advanced version of Magic Set Editor had what I needed

Now I have three weeks to figure out what kind of background to put on the cards and how to un-justify the text alignment

Looking for a template for making custom Tips & Tricks cards (the cards explaining the rules that used to be in booster packs before tokens were more common).

So far, the best I'm finding is "tips and tricks for custom card creation," which is not the same thing at all

Walking away from Ravnica for today, because how could I look at the weather outside and not do ?

It could maybe use some work.

Art by:

so tonight LRR is doing a 4-player Chaos Winston Draft, and it's really confusing

it looks like the complicated way to make a mini-masters pool

ConTessa, a blog, is looking for "marginalized people of all stripes who want to write about their gaming passions."

Twitter link to Facebook link, unfortunately, but the Facebook post has an email to send pitches to. DM me if you want it.

Focus appears to be on tabletop RPGs, but I imagine they'd take Magic pitches.

I mean, the Selesnya story was also a relatively nice one. But that was so long ago...

I'd still want him to use male pronouns cause
a, that's the perspective I'd feel confident speaking about the experiences of
b, I can't think of any example of a non-binary or genderqueer character that uses male pronouns? Which means it's a representation gap.
and c, I'd also want him to count for gay/mlm representation too.

(Which, side note: how have Aven been a thing in MtG for this long without ever making any Crow-based ones? Why were Owl, Ibis, and Vulture all higher on your Iconic Birds list than "Crow" when Storm Crow is one of the most memetic cards in the game?!)

Ok, this is awesome. I'm redesigning my Aven Fanwalker based on this.

The plane is based on the American dust bowl. Leonin are pumas and lynx, Aven are Corvids. Which means he's a blue jay, not a cardinal. Real life jays don't have dimorphism, but this is fantasy, so these Aven can be dimorphic: the males are jays and the females are crows or magpies.

Everyone who says “you are your own worst critic” has obviously never met a regional sales manager

Remembering that I can't change the name on my Reddit account to match my accounts everywhere else. I might just have to make a new one next time they ask for card nicknames.

LRR is doing card nicknames on Reddit this time, so the people suggesting them can help filter them. This should be fun.

@DialMforMara paper magic is still a huge cash cow for Hasbro, so I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Still, it’s owned by a company so if it stops being profitable then poof. Physical cards have an insane profit margin though, so would have to be a massive swing to digital for that to happen.

What is more likely is to see further divergence from cards that are digital only to what’s available in paper.

Learning how eager WoTC are to reassure us that paper Magic isn't going anywhere has, ironically, made me begin to be concerned about the future of paper Magic

Which was the sequel to "I just Mass Manipulation'd your board, and you spent your 6-drop removal on your own creature?"


"Oh, you've only got five power on the board? And are tapped out to activate your Twilight Panthers? Gosh, what a shame..."


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