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Bad news: that announcement was not about Gruulfriends

Good news: we now have a sympathetic planeswalker who uses they pronouns

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Kaldheim, new planeswalker 

CM: As a non-binary person, the story that resonated most strongly with me was one about questioning the accepted norms of your world: there is an idea that society accepts as fact, but the more you learn about it, the more you start to question it. Eventually, you decide to challenge the idea yourself and discover that you have the freedom to move beyond it. This was the journey that we wanted to set up for Niko.

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Kaldheim, new planeswalker 

Chris Mooney: we wanted to tell a story that could express the shared experience of non-binary people without focusing on their gender identity. This was partially to ensure Niko was a character that all kinds of people could find relatable, but it was also to ensure that Niko's character was not entirely enveloped by this single aspect of their identity.

Kaldheim preview article 

Klothys: You shall be the best at throwing things.

Niko: Okay that's nice

Klothys: You shall only use this for being better at throwing things than other people

Niko: Now hang on a second

Klothys: Will this be a problem?

Niko: What if I want to help people?

Klothys: No

Niko: Screw that I'm gonna go be a hero

Klothys: Hey stop that

Niko: Make me

Klothys: I will certainly try

Niko: Haha loser *sparks*

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the folks at Scryfall sure liked that region blocking announcement

As I write this fic, I’m realizing Magic’s brilliance in having a Multiversal setting that allows for worlds-collide/fish-out-of-water fics that don’t necessarily need another IP crashing the party

One of the ultimate fantasical abstractions TTRPG can provide:

"I ask around..."

I gotta find the Japanese cut so I can find out if Bastien was such a dedicated brewer in the original

he was also the character I identified most strongly with in middle school as a fellow outcast-because-nerd

But I think the fact that I currently have eight Commander decks and two Oathbreaker decks is convergent evolution

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me in 2006: why does that guy in Yugioh GX carry so many decks around with him

Me in 2019: *proudly showing off a Quiver full of Commander decks at MagicFest*

Since somebody asked about them, I think it's a good time to reiterate our community guidelines.

WUBRG uses the Lady Planeswalker Society's code of conduct. TL;DR we don't tolerate intolerance, and if anybody makes you feel unwelcome we want you to let us know so we can help. Details at

department of homelands security. we make sure nobody bullies the least popular mtg set

welcome to wubrg, @DrAceManliness ! What decks are you working on these days?

(I'm stuck on making cuts for my [[Lathiel]] dream deck, and if you have a rule of thumb for that I'm all ears.)

It's comforting that there's no amount of recursive translation one can do that will entirely erase the narrative "Urza was a douche."



The werewolves are returning to the streets. Nature is healing.

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Aww, we ran across a werewolf triad wedding

Ha! It was pointed out to me that the recently released [[Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith]], the guy who makes rocks, is a direct callback to the Onslaught version of Shock.
Specifically, flavor text, "I love lightning! It's my best invention since the rock." --Toggo, goblin weaponsmith

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