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I am somehow subscribed to a token seller's mailing list, and today they sent me links to new tokens, including this absolutely perfect Treasure by the artist of Hypnotic Sprite and Piper of the Swarm

At long last, my Ravnica fic has reached a scene I've been dying to write: Esther and Zofia meet the Bylaw and Order crew.

Second budget Commander deck tech for Card Kingdom is up. This one's about Jund Aristocrats!

You sent us your parenting questions and our panel of Planeswalkers answered. Angrath, Tamiyo, and Teferi are here to help you.

Commander Legends 

Really glad they're completing this cycle. Both because I like the design and because enemy colors are STILL behind on affordable dual land support

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Commander Legends, been waiting for this one literally as long as I've been playing Magic 

Mythic Odysseys of Theros can't decide whether the demonym for Theros is "Theran" or "Therian"

I have Character Ideas ™️for a Theros D&D campaign and nowhere to use them

The big one is a leonin fighter who's been chosen by Iroas as an oracle, but doesn't really want to be because they were brought up to aggressively not care about the gods

what frustrates me most about all this is that my editor didn't check her own store's prices before giving me a list of commanders to choose from

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so I was asked to pick a popular (on EDHRec) commander under $5 for my next Card Kingdom budget list

I picked [[Korvold]] because Aristocrats is easy and I like building it

spent an hour and a half picking cards on Scryfall (better search interface, but uses TCGPlayer prices)

finally went to Card Kingdom to start looking up updated card prices and

Korvold costs $14

welp, guess this is a [[Prossh]] deck now
or maybe a [[Savra]] deck with a little work to cut the red

Gavin Verhey has challenged the internet to make Jumpstart packs that represent them.

I did one for Ariel.

All Together Now :white:

Haazda Marshal
Hunted Witness
Precinct Captain
Twilight Drover
Seller of Songbirds
Tenth District Veteran
Flight of Equenauts
Loxodon Sergeant

Noncreature spells
Rootborn Defenses
Conclave Tribunal
Make a Stand
Divine Visitation

Mana Geode

Basic land: the attached Plains

I am so happy that this instance is so friendly and peaceful that the entirety of my moderation duties consists of

"oh hey, @SliverQueen has boosted an alert about an instance full of terrible people. Let's go ahead and defederate."

Thank you all for being wonderful people.

I commissioned art for another of my favorite Orc microfics. Written by bibliovoreorc and illustrated by letsongakemi on bird site.

Alt text:

“I used to think that — if I got stronger, if I got older — things would start to make sense,” Chandra said. “But it doesn’t, does it? None of it does. None of it makes any sense.”

Chandra felt a small touch. She looked down. Nissa was holding her hand.

“This does,” Nissa said.

“Let’s just stop and talk about this before you two get carried away. Again.”

Ariel to Tarjuk and Tebasha

Brainwave of the morning:

Jace is Spiderman but thinks he's Batman

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