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One of the biggest challenges of being a D&D player is "how do I express my character's misgivings about a plot hook without threatening to derail the plot?"

system administration question, request for advice :boost_ok: 

netdata on the cybrespace matrix server has been reporting the following alarm at a steadily increasing rate over the last couple months: ip.tcp_accept_queue, "the average number of times the TCP accept queue of the kernel overflown, during the last minute"

this seems like the symptom of another problem, but i can't find much information about what it might be a symptom *of* (other than, possibly, a slow application not accepting connections fast enough).

can anyone advise? what should i be looking for to further diagnose the cause? what, if anything, could i do to mitigate this at the system level?

D&DMtG custom cards 

And the tokens in the colors Ariel doesn't use, because I wanted the full cycle

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These arrived from, a trans digital alters artist, and they're superb.

That Damnation is going into House on Bontu'd Hill.

The Cyclonic rift is going into Seth Sulimo's Oathbreaker deck, and the Wheel of Fortune might be earmarked for Taoshan.

@ajanionthespot the latest episode of 99% Invisible is about yokai. Might be good info for while we're on Kamigawa.

Got a new article up on Card Kingdom, with some deckbuilding ideas for Core 21 legends!

Also creatures that enter the battlefield tapped and attacking don't count for "whenever a creature attacks" triggers because they were never declared as attackers

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Pre-Prerelease time!

TIL if you phase out an enchanted creature, the aura phases with it

CW sexual abuse in MTG community. birdsite link 

Fucking hell. Wake up today to find out another of my all time favorite magic artists (Noah Bradley) is a serial sexual predator. I have hundreds of dollars of his prints, which are going directly into the bin. I don’t give a fuck how talented someone is, I have zero tolerance for abusive fuckwads. Context : ||

this was six whole years ago, how often do we need to repeat it with some other bit of common decency


From these two the streams reconverge on the largest terrace, which is full of pools carefully positioned to generate continual slow circular currents among the water lilies and decorative carp.

These all finally drain into the lowest and smallest terrace, a perfume garden of deeply aromatic herbs amid a grove of dark cypresses.

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Tarjuk and Venqwyn explore the gardens. It proves to be built in five terraces, and also proves to be WAY more interesting to the players than I anticipated.

The highest terrace is full of fruit trees, magically enhanced to both bloom and fruit at the same time. A small spring at the corner of it cascades onto two other terraces: one a lawn with flower beds and a tiled path, the other a rock garden with stone lanterns and trellises of wisteria.

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Genku had the air of a person who has never really had any problems in his life, and instead of turning arrogant has become simply friendly and cheerful and polite: like a P.G. Wodehouse character.

Rumiko is studious and obviously sticking to a set of memorized "how to be polite and hospitable" lines, about which she keeps glancing at her father for nods of approval, until she gets excited about explaining what her world is like to newcomers and then she rambles.

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