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The piece I wrote for Card Kingdom about the history and purpose of Core Sets is up

Google Translate Did A Swear 

Since the cycle of new shrines very obviously all go together, I did them all.

The white one was the BEST RESULT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN.


so wotc is looking for BIPOC freelance story writers.

1. go get 'em
2. Does Jewish count as POC?

D&DMtG, timing 

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer @mrwhim does anyone mind if, after this week's session, we move to the other week?

I'm joining a second campaign, and if nothing changes, they'll be on consecutive days. I want to spread that out if I can. (and I know if the new campaign moves to the other week, someone else won't be able to play.)

Thread from the artist on Nine Lives, including refs for the cat's previous incarnations
(including Arahbo, Kaheera, Mirri, Jazal, Marisi, and Wasitora)

And this ruling puts it into precedent that Title VII of the civil rights act covers LGBTQ people, and EVERYTHING the phobes want to do to public policy was based on the assumption that because Title VII didn't specifically mention us. it doesn't cover us! This closes that loophole! Not that it was a real one, but it still closes it!

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megacorporation spends trillions of dollars into funding the development of a new colour, only to discover that nobody's brains know how to perceive it so it just looks purple to everyone

Decided my brutalist masterpiece needed a secret garden, so I made a color pie

Scryfall is making the cards WotC labeled racist harder to stumble across in a casual search.

They're also listening to community feedback and calling on WotC to do more.

Mark Rosewater says Black Lives Matter, and he needs to work on challenging his own prejudices

let's hold him to that
also, less urgently, lean on him for Jewish rep

Lore blurb for Basri. Ariel wants to be his friend so badly now.
"there's a god of solidarity? Why did no one tell me?"

The Loregoyfs released a statement today on the recent revelations about racist practices at WotC, demands for change, and support for BLM

Turn 3 kill
-T2 Conspicuous Snoop
-T3 Boggart Harbinger searching for Kiki-Jiki. Snoop now has Kiki-Jiki's ability, so make a zillion copies.
-Use the last copy to copy Harbinger and search for Mogg Fanatic. The Snoop clones now have Fanatic's ability, so sac them for lethal damage.
Follow for more advice.

Ravnica, paradox of tolerance 

so I’ve been thinking about the set of guild slogans that “no terfs on gruul turf” comes from

and I’ve decided that the Selesnya one is out of character

a proper Selesnya response is more along the lines of “We tolerate everyone but the intolerant.” With an implied “now get out.”

Hey, if y'all are looking for a podcast, might I recommend Color of Magic? It's by two Black men, and they talk about their experiences and interview other minorities about how life in the Magic world is for them.

Itch are raising money for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund with a massive bundle containing over 700 DRM-free games:

There's also some smaller bundles which are donating proceeds to bail funds:

Core 21 

so the new monowhite planeswalker is a follower of Oketra

and Ariel immediately made a mental note to give him ALL THE HUGS

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