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So when I wrote a Magic for Minecrafters article for Card Kingdom, I made a cycle of Minecraft basic lands that didn't end up getting used. Thought y'all would want to see them.

Does anyone know who the artist for the D&D 5E player's handbook is?

I'm baffled that I'm having this much trouble finding the illustration credits.

D&DMtG, picking up from last night's thread 

@mrwhim Ariel returns to the party's suite to find Taoshan in the common room. "Hey. You doing okay?"

Companions now cost mana to put in your hand from the sideboard.
Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery are banned in Standard and suspended on Arena.

@dracanth welcome to wubrg! How goes? (mostly in terms of what decks you're working on / formats you're playing, but also in general :) )

With a sickly stymied tick-tock, the clockwise man found himself unwound.
The pendulum always swings back, but lately its momentum seemed dulled to near stillness.
Tighten the loosened spring and give life to his mechanism.
It only takes a twist.



#CreativeWriting #ShortStories #MicroFic

mtg question, :boost_ok: 

Considering getting a account. We have 3 different collections, one for paper, one for online (currently just the starter cards), and one for arena. Does deckbox have some way to keep these separate? If not, would they be cool with us creating multiple accounts?


@DialMforMara @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer @mrwhim I can get behind that.

I could imagine that Trostani not getting along might have resulted in a lot of Selesnya folks feeling very unmoored from their consciences.


@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer @mrwhim

can we make it canon in our campaign that the Selesnya policy of leaching life force from Gruul territory was never enacted in the Sixth District and was stopped when Trostani was no longer at odds with themselves

because if Ariel finds out it's still happening, her reaction will make her first meeting with Miss Chaplet look kind and cuddly It just occurred to me, there was a 3.5 edition so there needs to be a 5.25 edition.

I'll show myself out. :}

@enoich @DialMforMara I agree with you. There are formats I would love to try out, but the cost it far too high. It feels like if you had to buy your pieces for chess. A pack of 15 pawns and a king is one amount, want a queen? 250 dollars. 2 rooks 150 each. And saying the person who has a full set is on an even playing field as the player with only pawns is just a lie.

WHY do they keep printing secret lairs

there can't be that many people buying them

and they could be spending this money on

lowering the power level and price of cards so people don't keep getting forced out of the hobby?

@Duende minor correction: masterpieces were created as a flair thing in Battle for Zendikar, which came after Khans. They were kept around after WotC realized they had a secondary effect of keeping prices way down, then later got fucked around with a lot for profitability. Nowadays they've been replaced with showcase cards, which theoretically have a similar effect overall.

this created the concept of "reprint equity"

as in, how many times can we print this card without tanking the price, which would prevent us from profiting on it again in the future

and now reprint equity is so carefully measured so that an average pack of a Masters set will be 20-30% better than secondary market prices on release - generally no better.

it means prices can't fall, and people can't afford to play. it's destructive to the long-term health of the game for short-term profit.

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thinking about what happened to wizards of the coast makes me sad

even through their corporate buyout and rebranding, they stayed players-first and kept MSRP at $4 a pack for decades

up until Khans-ish, you could see the effort being put into keeping competitive play affordable w/ ideas like masterpieces.

they were literally using the collectors market to subsidize the game and it ruled!!!

then hasbro finally learned they could leverage the secondary market for profit instead :)


The next day Tebasha finally takes the opportunity to check out an Izzet Research school, and accidentally ignites an impromptu symposium, as students and professors clamor to ask questions about the technology of other planes.

Venqwyn, meanwhile, visits a Simic Zonot, and finds the strange, quiet tranquility of the descent to the underground ocean relaxing. The water is clean and has a strange floral taste, and the underwater streets and apartments are strangely homelike.

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Ariel and Venqwyn excitedly ask Taoshan to explain, and he diagrams an elementary color wheel, and they're delighted to find it matches what they'd concluded about Ravnica's and Onumbrica's mana. The implications are staggering, but first Ariel realizes that if you map Tarjuk's habitual magic onto this diagram, you get a "wedge" shape.

If this is how mana is organized on his home, then that may mean Narset did in fact head for Tarkir when she went "wedge-wards."

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