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My brain keeps sliding off the noir-style narration, but I've read enough to know that "making Magic cards less wordy" is a job I would want

Theros story 

Ok, it's taken me long enough, but I'm actually finally fed up with how Wizards is handling Theros story.

"Lore blurbs that are only available at the place and time the card is revealed" is the literal opposite of "story on the cards."

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 


Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

@DialMforMara Probably, I'm not hugely versed in the SOI lore but I like the idea of them as BG for having Seen Some Shit and willing to do whatever it takes to save themselves and their forest

A Little Bit of D&D&MtG 

theros feels 

Ok, Sweet Oblivion gets my vote for creepiest art in this set

Update: I think it's a Christmas present from the editors of MtG Nexus

And now I want to build a Multani Commander deck. Anyone got a Crucible they want to trade?

I have received a wonderful thing in the mail and I am very confused

Theros preview, 341 

Theros spoiler 

Theros spoiler 

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