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My brain keeps sliding off the noir-style narration, but I've read enough to know that "making Magic cards less wordy" is a job I would want

Theros story 

Like seriously, that blurb on [[rise to glory]] is really fucking important stuff--Heliod resurrects Daxos and makes him a demigod in return for making sure Elspeth stays dead?--but when the hell was I going to find that out!?

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Ok, it's taken me long enough, but I'm actually finally fed up with how Wizards is handling Theros story.

"Lore blurbs that are only available at the place and time the card is revealed" is the literal opposite of "story on the cards."

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

@DialMforMara Update: I have been assured that this card only increases the devotion count for any card by one.

That’s not how this reads. It should say “whenever you count devotion, add an extra one.”


Yes, I know there was a new planeswalker revealed on the same day as Taranika, but I would rather know whether there are more people who believe in Kytheon

Theros spoiler, mechanics question does this mean you get an extra devotion to red, green, AND red&green? If I’m reading this right, you cast this before Klothys and she comes in as a creature!

@DialMforMara Probably, I'm not hugely versed in the SOI lore but I like the idea of them as BG for having Seen Some Shit and willing to do whatever it takes to save themselves and their forest

A Little Bit of D&D&MtG 

Since we didn't have a chance to do a full session, instead our heroes just took a chance to strategize.

Ariel made sure that Dr. Sturmkraw got a copy of the warning that the Sheriffs were coming for her, and found that Firiel's somewhat counterintuitive perception of time could be leveraged for strategic advantages.

They learned, by the way that Nile Nukeveri, the storm chaser, reminded Firiel of a young Setirov.

theros feels 

And the flavor of the new [[Idyllic Tutor]] is giving me Amonkhet [[Renewed Faith]] feels

Ok, Sweet Oblivion gets my vote for creepiest art in this set

Update: I think it's a Christmas present from the editors of MtG Nexus

And now I want to build a Multani Commander deck. Anyone got a Crucible they want to trade?

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I have received a wonderful thing in the mail and I am very confused

Theros preview, 341 

good dog

"So which of your heads is the lifelink one, which is the vigilance one, and wh--OH GOD, YOU'RE THE MENACE ONE. YOU'RE THE MENACE ONE!!" -Stark Maximum, from a discord I'm in

Theros spoiler 

@DialMforMara I can see the argument that the stereotype would have more negative weight than the representation would have positive weight.

Especially with the representation already covered by having Elspeth in the "defier of the gods" role that would ordinarily be an Odysseus or Achilles or someone like that.

Theros spoiler

So...Pandora is a boy now. Don’t know how to feel about that—removing women from the narrative, vs getting rid of a really awful stereotype of women from the ancient tradition

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