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what the fuck kind of a stat is "float" anyway? Does my rogue REALLY need bouyancy?

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endlessly annoyed that many programming languages have int and str as types, but not wis, cha, con, or dex

Prospective roster for monster fedi dnd podcast: necromantic skeleton, possibly a gorgon, and a literal wyrmling.

This is gonna be weird, in the best way.

Wondering how much the fact the only thing that matters in the RPG I'm writing reflects my life philosophy?

That said, it has a very BROAD definition of skill. Good at empathy? Skill. Magic? Skill. Fixing a car? Skill. Math? Also skill. Saying the right thing to a sad friend? Guess what? Skill.

Like, what you are born with effects things, but what you choose to spend time on is far more important.

In the words of a certain shiba, I will show fedi its true face.

(this is not related to the podcast I'm just curious, lol.)

I have a coworker looking for a good trans therapist in the LA area. Can anyone give me good recommendations?

I want to name the podcast some varity of XP: (explantion of acronym), but I'm not sure what I like. Help me workshop this, please

boomers getting pissed over "ok boomer" is the best cause its literally just dismissive of them but boomers are fuming over it.
boomers cant stand not being listened to its fantastic

Hi friends. Thanks for coming with me on this little writing experiment.

Anyone whose come this far and is wondering what Desert Bus For Hope is, please check out their website here. They have a FAQ that explains everything better than I could:

Even if you can't donate, Desert Bus is a great community of good people. The event is a highlight of my year, and has gotten me through some dark times.

The Bus gets rolling at 8:00 am PST on Nov. 8th. See you there!

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i have 3 moods:
-i am in love
-i am gaeming
-i am having a breakdown

I should really stop calling the game I'm currently running 'D&D' because the only thing directly D&D-ish about it is the 6 core stats

Just a reminder that if I ever misgender you it's not intentional, I promise I'm trying, and I accept my punishment of being slam dunked into the sun.

You need to #vote by tomorrow, #Seattle.

Every opportunity to vote during your entire life is important.


Commission for

No matter the number of values, no matter the cost of the mail (which AT LEAST we don't have to pay,) we've still got to look at this face. I hope everyone is clear that this phone is just a lot.

Art by:

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