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A l'shanah tovah for poly Jews: 

if [[Gingerbrute]] is enabling [[Lovestruck Beast]] , are you playing a Cookie Monster deck?

friend: yo rach i want to play a tiefling in this game, where do they live?
friend: we're playing 5e
me: oh in 5e they live in towns yeah

Just found out about an F-Droid app that detects when the spotify notification bar changes to "Advertisement" and then mutes it, and optionally plays audio from your device's library instead until it finishes

I love how simple and clever this idea is. It's essentially exploiting the analog hole to block ads, and it can't be restricted any more than they can stop you from manually hitting mute whenever an ad comes up

Prerelease update: I'm in RG Nonhuman aggro with a white splash for Archon of Absolution. Got double Grumgully, three dragonfires, and a Fabled Passage.

(If Lotusseed is there, she’ll tell her story about searching for the documents again with a bit more local detail: her grandmother’s hotel is in Traymetropolis and she tracked the documents all the way to where they were hidden in the North Met library. She’ll make a big deal about haggling with a librarian who was a Sheriff in disguise, but never actually tell what she paid. And now she has the papers and needs to bring them home without the rest of the Metro realizing what happened.)

She turned to me and said, “My son has been gone for so long, you need to find him.” I asked her who he was and where he’d gone, and she shook her head. The breeze picked up, and I looked down the track to make sure it wasn’t a train coming.

When I looked back she was gone, but I heard her voice again. “Find my son. Find Setirov and bring him home.”

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer Here’s the story Ariel will tell if we find a Wayside Parliament on the way down to Divination and Tommy Lotusseed isn’t there:

I was walking along the river one night, when the moon was just bright enough to see the way by. Where the river meets the railway, I saw a woman leaning over the bridge staring sadly at the water. And maybe it was a trick of the moonlight, but she seemed to have a few more arms and legs than is usual for a human.

Ariel thinks she understands Azorius metaphor because Avenir came to one of Molander's parties once and hid from the crowd by trying to explain it to her

They were interrupted by Rin dragging him away to one of the private rooms

@ajanionthespot wondering if Tigris had any opinions of the book of Ravnican poetry Ariel lent him. (Or maybe they read bits of it together.) It's got things like:

-Azorius regulated verse, full of obscure metaphor, about the career of a particular Grand Arbiter
-Boros marching chants
-Orzhov hymns
-Selesnyan pastoral love poems
-Erstwhilogy, a doggerel poem about the Erstwhile that's in the Golgari section despite being written by an Izzet drug addict who had never been to the undercity

Working on Ariel’s reconstruction of the color pie from first principles, based on what she knows of the guilds. Here’s what I’ve got:

:white: order
:blue: information
:black: secrets, and maybe death or control (she’s not sure about Dimir)
:red: passion (it was hard to come up with what Boros and Rakdos had in common, till she remembered that blowhard on the document recovery team)
:green: nature—obvious answer, but her biases against the other green guilds made it difficult to get to

If I'm using Gargos as a ramp target, what sort of spells to force fights might be good?





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