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The good news: I have condensed my character sheet into 1 page of template and 1 page of quickref.

The bad news: it's all at or below Times New Roman 10-point, and my new glasses can't arrive fast enough

@ajanionthespot mechanical question: how much of my spell list do I need to hang onto now that we've switched to decks? Are we keeping cantrips?

Last night in Planeswalker D&D:

Mr. Exposition: Do any of you know how to bring a god back to life?

Zendikari PC: You shouldn't do that. Gods are bad.

Ravnican PC: I know some healing spells, but nothing that powerful

Tarkiri PC: Are gods like dragons?

RPC: I think they're like a worldsoul.

TPC: Yes, but are they dragons?

RPC: I don't know, mine's a tree

Mr. Exposition: know what, it was a long shot, forget I said it

fun fact*, although this is always a Mutant Turtle, in the US it's also a Ninja but in the UK it's a Hero






D&D(+), anti-police 

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen is thinking about putting Curious Obsession in her deck. What happens if you enchant a party member with it? Who draws the card?

Headcanon: another staple of the 6th District Rakdos circuit is standup comedian "Red" Black, who pretends to handyman badly while mercilessly teasing a kinsman who aspires to join the Izzet League. Sadly, Red was recently upstaged by the antics of his slapstick fall guy, and now everyone just wants to see Adventures with Bill.

PS Happy Canada Day!

One thing is for certain: the welcome decks and planrswalker decks are a lot better for starting to play than the '60 random cards' starter packs they sold when I started...

I've been threatening to do it for months now, but I finally rewrote and updated my "text completely supports Gay Ajani" essay that I lost when Tumblr tried to kick off all the LGTBQ people.

today's LRR Friday Nights 

Can we all agree not to take [[Ashiok, Dream Render]] to a Sisay fight?

I drafted [[Sisay, Weatherlight Captain]] last weekend at MagicFest.

Today's creative project: make a Commander deck that's all legendary permanents, plus fixing to get up to :white: :blue: :black: :red: :green: as fast as possible

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