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Hello Planeswalkers! This bot is here to provide you with scryfall-like behavior on the Fediverse!

I have two modes of operation. The first is just to mention me and include card names in [[double brackets]]. I will reply with the card you looked up.

The second is to send me a DM with the command "+register". I will follow you and automatically look up cards in [[double brackets]] whenever you post on the fediverse without needing to be mentioned.

Let @ishara know if you have any issues!

Turns out Sibelius op. 47 is perfect music to write Tamiyo working through her Emrakul trauma to

London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

Ben Wheeler: The hero we need and the hero we deserve. (Twitter screenshot)

MTG Deckbuilding challenge! Build the best deck possible using only the coin change you fill a welcome deck box with.

-You can only use the coins you accumulate after you decide to do the challenge

-You cannot bias towards quarters, you have to use whatever you get

-You CAN exclude pennies for easy mode, hard mode includes pennies.

#MagictheGathering #MTG #Games

Kobold planeswalkers who went to pay tribute to the mighty Prossh, but got the address wrong, instead trained to be fire monks instead. Whoopsie-doodle.

I got a reply back concerning's use of "his or her" rules text on cards instead of "their". It's not intentional, they acknowledge they need to re-fetch oracle text of older/reprinted cards.

Why are Oneirophage and Dream Eater such different cards?

I do *not* like Fact or Fiction.

The second worst time I ever had playing Commander involved some asshole choosing me to make the piles.

For research, I made a list of cards that share their names with sets.

• Visions
• Weatherlight
• Prophecy
• Apocalypse
• Torment
• Onslaught
• Cold Snap
• Time Spiral
• Planar Chaos
• Future Sight
• Morningtide
• Conflux
• Hour of Devastation
• Mirrodin Besieged

I want to draft on stream with LRR someday, or be a guest at a pre-prerelease.

I wouldn't even mind being the person who builds their deck on stream.

What I don't want is to be the person asked to explain their drafting choices in an interview, because I draft in flow state, shaping the deck as a whole as I go, and would not be able to explain why I picked any particular card

Meanwhile, on Ravnica...

Ariel, a bookish Selesnya druid, got voluntold by her grandmother into an interguild task force investigating the theft of a blueprint from an Izzet archive.

Along came Cazmir, a talkative and self-important Boros arrester, an impatient Izzet Goblin technician, and Milo, the Dimir bookstore clerk that Ariel maybe-sorta dated once or twice, and now it's awkward.

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Ok, because I'm really pleased with where the story went, and the subject matter is relevant, I'm gonna give a quick recap of the game.

Feel free to mute the thread if you're not interested.

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