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you know who goes in my Niv-Mizzet, Parun deck?

Jace the Lab Maniac

War of the Spark spoiler, deep lore wondering 

For those interested in the full story of War of the Spark, the wiki has a chart of what happened and who died.

I really am spoilt by the lack of a trading economy on Arena cos I looked up the value of my stompy deck in real cards and it's like $135 :blobscream:

We did have a couple of the cards in our rares collection but those are being sold as part of an upcoming house move, which reminds me, if anyone is in the UK and wants to bid on our MtG ebay listings (one is the rares, the other is commons and other bits and pieces like deck boxes and lands) let me know and I'll DM you a link!

......There is a new Krenko out there.

But I don't want to put him in my deck as it doesn't make sense to have two of the same character in the deck outside of Time Spiral.



I'm running Ob Nixilis, Vraska, and 2 Davriels. Wanted to include Arlinn and Domri, but they didn't fit either. Promos were that Arlinn and am Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi (which is in the deck but hasn't shown up yet).

Playing GB deathtouch.dek at the . Won round 1 in 3 games. I like the deck but I'm sad I didn't have room for Krenko.

God-Eternal Rhonas, aka I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Die

got an idea for a rogue Standard brew. I call it Polynomial Goblins.

4 Fanatical Firebrand
4 Goblin Banneret
4 Goblin Cratermaker
4 Ornery Goblin
4 Legion Warboss
4 Goblin Warchief
4 Volley Veteran
2 Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin
4 Cosmotronic Wave
4 Cavalcade of Calamity
22 Mountain

Last night I dreamed I was at a prerelease and they’d changed the rules text syntax so that I didn’t know how any of the cards worked anymore

I did get a Tolsimir and a Gideon though

You know that cycle of MMN costs in War of the Spark?

I just looked again, and there are two Golgari ones and no Orzhov one. Wonder what happened.

whose idea was it to call it MagicFest and not ManaFest

someday I will work for Wizards and I will either stop them from making the stories for the most important sets so incoherent, or discover why they keep screwing up the ones that are the biggest deal and be frustrated that I can't stop it

So much for editing my posts to be unlisted--the page keeps freezing and losing the ones I'm most invested in.

I'll just have to complain in other places about how chapters keep starting in medias res and I really want to know about what led to the current action, but that apparently requires me to have read the prequel shorts that haven't been released yet

War of the Spark novel 

War of the Spark novel 

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