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Found my next Brawl list! Here's Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin:

Fanatical Firebrand
Goblin Banneret
Tin Street Dodger
Torch Courier
Goblin Cratermaker
Goblin Instigator
Goblin Locksmith
Goblin Trailblazer
Ornery Goblin
Boggart Brute
Clamor Shaman
Goblin Chainwhirler
Goblin Warchief
Legion Warboss
Rummaging Goblin
Squee, the Immortal
Goblin Trashmaster
Volley Veteran
Siege-Gang Commander
Rigging Runner
Dark-Dweller Oracle
Skirk Prospector
Goblin Motivator
Goblin Assault Team


anybody else notice the Vehicle with colored casting cost that can be crewed by noncreature spells?

I just realized that new Krenko is gonna be awesome in Brawl

Reading the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and thinking about character creation

What's the difference between a cleric and a paladin of the same god?

My favorite no-longer-canon piece of Magic lore is a tavern scene in the novel Arena, which includes two guys playing a card game that simulates a wizards' duel.

If you liked Bylaw and Order, you should absolutely go watch LoadingReadyRun's card reveal video for .

If you haven't seen Bylaw and Order, I recommend you watch it anyway. It's a very good & very sweet D&D 5e campaign set on Ravnica. There is a large friendly dog in the party.

By the way, his subtype is Yanggu. Jiang is his family name. Planeswalkers always have their given name as their subtype, so we can distinguish between, for example, Will and Rowan Kenrith from Battlebond.

more WAR coolness 

does anyone else want to run

I’ll keep hosting it at wobscale if you want, I just don’t have the spoons to keep it maintained / do admin things


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