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I may not approve of what they're doing with Ultimate Masters, but it's still spoiler season and so I'm gonna google translate 'em. That's just what I do.

Which is better in Commander ramp: Nylea's Presence or Urban Utopia?

It's the difference between "taps for any color" (Utopia) and "is all basic land types" (Presence).

@SliverQueen @ajanionthespot So @Canageek has convinced me that a shift banner blanket will sell better than a Cryptic Command sigil. My new plan is to pixelate the shift banner playmat and scale it up.

In a couple of weeks I'm going to a party for local Magic people with a white elephant gift exchange. Should I bring a Brawl deck I built as a brewing challenge but don't enjoy playing?

@SliverQueen it's the Muldrotha deck

I've entered the giveaway for Battlebond and Unstable full sets.

No hope I'll win them, but it beats paying $11 for just a True-Name Nemesis for my Merfolk deck

So I can't go to LPS tonight because I'm in Canada. Does anyone want to play Brawl by post? I've got my Vaevictis deck

Staying up late Sunday night in North America? Got internet access Monday morning/afternoon elsewhere in the world? Tune into Desert Bus For Hope and toss in a few bucks for a chance to win some fancy boxes I made!

New custom !
:damnation: for swearing
:cancel: for nope
:fatalplush: for aggressive hugs
:welcome: to say hello
:gideon: :jace: :liliana: :chandra: :nissa: to keep watch

@DialMforMara I can live with this.

Gideon is Mario, he's all about running and jumping and saying Wahoo. Jace is Luigi. He's skinny and he pokes around haunted houses.

So, Vraska is the female monarch of a realm where everyone farms mushrooms with various magical effects. To get to it, you have to go through giant sewer pipes.

…is Vraska Princess Peach?

The Desert Bus 2018 shirt is on sale now! The wonderful folks at have outdone themselves once again! Go get yours now! gogogo!! #DB2018

@ajanionthespot suggested I do the Oaths to stand in for the members of the Gatewatch. In the spirit of avoiding trademark attention, I'm making them all the same except for the color.

Thoughts? What details should I add to differentiate them? @SliverQueen

Hey @SliverQueen is it ok with you if I make a few emoji that are MS Paint versions of cards? Very recognizable & useful things like Damnation and Cancel. @ajanionthespot also suggested Oaths, though I'm not sure how I'll do the face shapes, and I want something for Jund too (or at least "jund 'em out"

I realized this morning that I want a custom emoji of Damnation that I can use instead of swearing.

Has anyone got other ideas for card emoji? Looking for cards with art simple and recognizable enough that I can imitate it in MS Paint at emoji size.

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So Wizards announced one last hurrah for the Masters sets, and it's obvious they missed yet another internal memory about making reprints affordable.

Extended art? Even higher MSRP? I'm never building Eldrazilander now.

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