Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@ajanionthespot I think Ariel is going to fall in love with Onumbrican radio

maybe the local equivalent of Johnny Dollar, they do like detective novels

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@ajanionthespot imagine telemancy as email

... let's not get ahead of ourselves. Have they figured out how to send sounds yet?

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@ajanionthespot Not sure I can be entirely honest on a form like that, because I'm now an Amazon contractor trying to become an Amazon FTE.

but if I get the chance, I'm signing it Ariel Montgomery

Random Card of the Day 


This is a really cool-looking bamboo forest from the Jiang Yanggu / Mu Yanling duel decks, which were Standard-legal in China and nowhere else. (However, WotC did not make any public statement on what they think counts as “China.”)

The artist, Xin-Yu Liu, illustrated three other cards for the decks, and I hope they stay on as a regular artist:“Xin-Yu+Liu”&unique=art

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Breaking a little from the stated goal of the account and server, sorry, but it's important.

Single Payer Healthcare is in the Washington State Legislature. I need EVERYONE who follows me and lives in Washington State to contact your state legislator and ask them to support it.

Here's an easy link here to let you do just that, but phone calls and emails are also good:

Kaldheim Preview, D&D&MtG reference 

@ajanionthespot he won't have grounds until and unless he starts helping Mistolin unclog death

@klaatu I know very little about the APIs involved, but Scryfall might have what you're looking for

Need something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve doomscrolling? OrcaCon is doing a free online mini con this year

@SliverQueen they have xe pronouns. They have a place for Theros in their cosmology. They have Norwegian Forest Cats. Their valkyries look eerily like harpies who brush their hair occasionally.

So many wonderful things. And I'm too tired to appreciate them.

@SliverQueen also Niko finds themself in the rare position of being a new planeswalker accepted without question by the first people to find them in their new world

The Kannah care, and I love it, and I wish so much that this set story did not involve Phyrexia, because that makes it hard for me to care

So, it's already 7 days into January 2021 and I'm pretty sure that 2020++ is going to be how I'll be notating it.

This 9th-century Spanish guy: "KIDS THESE DAYS are all into ARABIC and BOOKS and LEARNING! They don't even know how to write in Latin!"

kaldheim (-) 

@orb_warded_kor_warlord problem is, they do have external goals. Which is how Vorinclex comes to be on Kaldheim.


@SliverQueen yeah
Still haven't framed my Temple Garden print. Might hang those up together when I have more space.




I don't care whether I actually play any of this set, these are beautiful and I want a playset of each of them

kaldheim (-) 

@mycroft no coincidence that Ixalan was my favorite block in all the time I've been playing (which is just since the start of the Gatewatch Era)

kaldheim (-) 

@mycroft and
cool Egyptian world: Bolas Bolas Bolas

there's are many reasons why my favorite Magic format these days is @ajanionthespot's D&D game, and this is one of them

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