@Ice_In_Disguise "in medias res" is a literary device in which the story starts in the middle. The exposition and rising action you expect at the beginning is reserved for flashbacks or never presented at all in order to build suspense.

It's used a lot in movies and TV to get people's attention. I think it's overused, because I have trouble relating to characters when I don't feel at home in their world, and want to get my feet under me before going ahead with the plot.

someday I will work for Wizards and I will either stop them from making the stories for the most important sets so incoherent, or discover why they keep screwing up the ones that are the biggest deal and be frustrated that I can't stop it

So much for editing my posts to be unlisted--the page keeps freezing and losing the ones I'm most invested in.

I'll just have to complain in other places about how chapters keep starting in medias res and I really want to know about what led to the current action, but that apparently requires me to have read the prequel shorts that haven't been released yet

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I am going to livetoot the War of the Spark novel as I read it. Further posts will be unlisted and under a content warning.

Is the corresponding Bolas deck Shane McMahon? (That gives me an idea for the nicknames TTC)

@ajanionthespot yeah, not as far as I know

I saw people on Discord complaining about a character called Rat, who as I understand it is the POV character for the newslettery bits?

A group of researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully translated nerve impulses from the brain into words and sentences, in a paper published in Nature today: techcrunch.com/2019/04/24/scie

They emphasize that this isn't mind-reading; they're picking up the signals that the brain sends to the facial muscles to create the speech, and this process relies on an electrode matrix being implanted in the brain. But it's still cool.

If you make a Niv-Mizzet Reborn deck, you have to call it Did You Mizz Me

Good things? Bad things? I want to know what I'm getting myself into before I read it

Whenever LRR gets around to the WAR nicknames, remind me to suggest "Rio" for Paradise Druid.

"Moving on the floor now (because she doesn't have flying) she's a bird of paradise."

tfw the Insight Space survey gets you really excited about something that doesn't exist and that you can't tell anyone about

We then got a pre release buy a box for Dominaria and did our own sealed event at home with the three of us.

We also got a box of boosters when Guilds of Ravnica came around but it wasn't until Ravnica Allegiance when I went to my first ever pre release event in a real game store!

Since then I've really got in to MtG Arena, I play every day to get the rewards and up my rank, and I've built a fun Mono Green Stompy deck that got me to Platinum rank last season and again just today! 2/?

Hey I just signed up so an is in order!

My main account is @wolfie and I've been on Mastodon for a couple of years now.

My history with MtG started in 2012 or so when my current partner tried to introduce me to one of her old hobbies - it didn't really take and we forgot about it for a few years.

Then in the last couple of years she met someone who was still in to MtG and it got her fired up about it again and we started following pre releases and a few youtube channels etc 1/?

@orb_warded_kor_warlord maybe less a sliding scale than a gradual ratchet.

What deck wants an arbitrary number of these?

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