Update on the Ravnica crowd: Milo was happy to see Ariel when she showed up at the bookstore, but they were a little more guarded than usual & seemed unexpectedly okay with the idea of them seeing less of each other while Ariel is off having adventures. Ariel suspects that their adventure moved them up a rank or two within House Dimir, & that they're conflicted about how that affects their relationship, so she decided not to tell them where she'd been & just bought the next Wojek Barent.

@ajanionthespot what about Tebasha? She didn't have any magic before she sparked, she was just good at fixing things

I think the best thing about Pioneer is the implication that Wizards will continue to create new nonrotating formats starting every ten years

we've got Legacy (1993), Modern (2003), Pioneer (2013)...

@ajanionthespot interesting. I guess that is the appropriate class for Mr. Exposition

Also, with how they do bannings on Arena, you get a rare wildcard for each Field of the Dead that's in your collection before the update on Wednesday, so if you just want free cards(that you can play in historic) you should spend wildcards on Field now.
Source: forums.mtgarena.com/forums/thr

Today I'm working with a third-party recruiter on a job opening at Wizards of the Coast.

I had to explain to her that Magic: the Gathering is a card game, and that yes, that's its full title.

Now back to writing up Pioneer decklists for Card Kingdom.

@ajanionthespot @Jmaurer @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent ((I agree with you about the timing. And I'll definitely mention this next session--Ariel will want to know if we can get more of them on one trip.))

@Jmaurer @ajanionthespot @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent

Then we'll have to find Kataranya before then. Which might mean we have to find all four of the other storms by then. How much time do we have? *flips through notes*

((How close to the harvest festival are we? Is Seth tracking the other storms?))

@ajanionthespot @Jmaurer @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent

"She says 'time and location don't matter,' and 'identity matters more than ever.' Maybe...I think she means building the body here will work, as long as we make it accurate enough."

@Ice_In_Disguise I'm really excited about this format. It's from a year or two before I started playing, and I've got a couple of Standard decks I want to rebuild.


New format, coincidentally from around when I started, might look into it, though there were two years I didn't play so might be missing out on a bunch of cards...

Onumbrica Cards 

Nasty combo for Commander 

@Jmaurer @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent
"Hmm. Yeah, good point, it won't be much of a distraction if we're too far apart. I told Setirov we'd be here, but I don't know if he understood. Hang on."

I reach out to Firiel and ask: how close were you to your web when you entered it? Can we bring a god into their body from far away?

((how did she react when I told her we'd found Setirov?))


@SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer
((So would the cops get called on a meeting? How much secrecy does there need to be to balance "good distraction" with "keep people safe"?))

@SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @ajanionthespot @Jmaurer
((Ariel may have misinterpreted how capable and on top of things the students are))

@Tayatranscendent @ajanionthespot @Jmaurer

"I imagine the students know how to hide around here better than we do. Tigris?"

((I'm imagining the revivalist club has lookouts and hideouts, and signals for when things are about to go south))

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