One of the biggest challenges of being a D&D player is "how do I express my character's misgivings about a plot hook without threatening to derail the plot?"

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These arrived from, a trans digital alters artist, and they're superb.

That Damnation is going into House on Bontu'd Hill.

The Cyclonic rift is going into Seth Sulimo's Oathbreaker deck, and the Wheel of Fortune might be earmarked for Taoshan.

@mycroft I don't know, but this is her official response to Therese Nielsen being an ass

@ajanionthespot the latest episode of 99% Invisible is about yokai. Might be good info for while we're on Kamigawa.


someone else's cube blathering 

someone else's cube blathering

Got a new article up on Card Kingdom, with some deckbuilding ideas for Core 21 legends!

Also creatures that enter the battlefield tapped and attacking don't count for "whenever a creature attacks" triggers because they were never declared as attackers

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Pre-Prerelease time!

TIL if you phase out an enchanted creature, the aura phases with it

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