@SliverQueen you know, that's how chickens work in Minecraft. You throw eggs, and each one has a 1/8 chance of turning into a chicken

@Jmaurer visiting my partner & had to go up to campus with him for the day bc they're fixing the plumbing in his building

on the plus side, we got to have lunch together & hang out with his friend the scientific glassblower

on the minus side, I can't go to Lilian's Brawl night tonight because I'm in Canada

@ajanionthespot I think the guy called it a derringer, and I don’t know how those terms are related

Saw a poker tournament on a restaurant TV and realized Ariel might have a bit of a panic if she saw Onumbricans gambling

That's how the Orzhov get you, after all

@ajanionthespot so best case is it protects me and Tigris ;P I’d be happy with that, if I can find myself one before we hit level 5

Today's Oathbreaker deck idea: Turn 3 [[Nissa, who Shakes the World]]; turn 4 [[Planewide Celebration]] to 4x proliferate into Nissa's ult, now you have 24 indestructible forests on the board.


Maybe Sanctity too, if I can use it to protect party members

I just realized Ariel should have [[Leyline of the Meek]] and [[Leyline of Vitality]]. Next level perhaps?

Ariel's Signature Spell 

Ariel's Signature Spell 

Ariel's Signature Spell 

Ariel's Signature Spell 

Ariel's Signature Spell 

Ariel's Signature Spell 

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