Prerelease status: got both Elspeth and Calix in my deck and somehow that's not enough

I'm going to do my damnedest to stay in two colors

This may turn out to be a mistake

@DialMforMara that's what happens when you have two common fixer artifacts, plus a mana dork and a couple land tutors in green. Also a sealed pool is going to have a hard time getting enough playables in any one color.

WotC: Here's a set that aggressively encourages monocolored decks!

Prerelease: *full of 3-color decks*

somebody on Twitter asked what cards at each rarity people are most excited to open at the prerelease

and I realized I'm going to be happy with basically any of the green rares


Player Character 3RU
Planeswalker—Steve Alex

(Not sure what the abilities are, I just want the player character to be both Steve and Alex)

Had a silly idea for a Minecraft-themed Magic set.

Creeper 4GB
Creature—Boar Horror
Sacrifice Creeper: Destroy target non-Equipment permanent

@Jmaurer @Tayatranscendent @Canageek @ajanionthespot @SliverQueen This was even the first time you’d had a god speak to you. The only person other than me who’d made contact before that was Venqwyn, and that was by accident when we were trying to bottle Ariel’s Greeting

@Canageek @Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen @Jmaurer I mean, the other problem is that @ajanionthespot has a cold and should probably be preserving his voice, but other than that it’s worth a try

@ajanionthespot @Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen @Jmaurer oh no! Take care of yourself! (remember how much talking you do in a session; that may not play well with a cold!)

Dear polyam friends: Would any of you be willing to read over a short tabletop blog post of mine and let me know if I am hitting on any problematic issues? I'm new to the community and while I've gotten some good responses to my #SexPositiveDnD setting ideas, I want to check things over first, you know? It won't take long, its only about two pages in total with lots of whitespace.

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