If anyone has experience building Superfriends, let me know

I’ve signed myself up to build a 5-color deck and a 3-color deck, and I don’t know how to pick spells for either of them

I was going for the flavor win and I seem to have played myself

Me: *pitches a 2-part article which requires two planeswalker-centric decks, kind of hoping it's off the wall enough my editor will say no*

Editor: I look forward to reading it!

Me: halp

@SliverQueen I've pulled out all the rares and mythics in the part of my collection I left with @Canageek. Want a list? (It's BFZ through AER mostly)

A Brazilian Magic blogger shares stories of sexual harassment in the global Magic community.

This is why Lady Planeswalkers is so important: it's the first place I ever really felt safe playing Magic.


@Ice_In_Disguise The result appears to be a Convoke deck without any Convoke in it.

@Ice_In_Disguise I have enough of Healer's Hawk, Hunted Witness, and Llanowar Elves.

I've also got Snubhorn Sentries, but they don't really say "beatdown" to me. Should I use them on the assumption that they will survive until I can get the City's Blessing?

@Ice_In_Disguise I have one Pride of Conquerors and it’s in my Tajic deck.

What counts as a “decent one drop”? I’m looking at Healer’s Hawk, mostly because it flies.

@Ice_In_Disguise I don't think I have enough of any of those things. I'm trying to make this deck consistent.

Why is Flight of Equenauts bad and what do you recommend I replace it with?

@ishara I don't know much about the meta, but you're probably right that Ixalan's Binding/Conclave Tribunal/Hieromancer's Cage can handle artifact and enchantment removal.

I'll put either the Charges or the Adventurous Impulses in, but I'm not sure which I'll need more right now.

And I might have a Song of Freyalise, but if I do it's buried in a Commander deck :P


Here's the deck I'm planning to bring to Standard night. Anyone got suggestions? I think it could stand to be more consistent (more 3 and 4-ofs, fewer 2s).


Wizards is doing a player survey. Tell them how you like to play Magic.

Concerned about the increased focus on digital Magic? Tell them. Unhappy with how they're handling and scheduling pro events? Tell them that too. Wondering why nobody's talking about Brawl anymore? Say so.

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