@ajanionthespot suggested I do the Oaths to stand in for the members of the Gatewatch. In the spirit of avoiding trademark attention, I'm making them all the same except for the color.

Thoughts? What details should I add to differentiate them? @SliverQueen

Here's a first pass on Budget Gruulosaurs for Standard. Thoughts?

The pack had duplicates of a few things I want for Standard, but nothing I was really excited about. The card I have the most immediate use for is this artifact for my Multani deck, which is actually Golgari-themed. The rare is also Golgari and might? fit in a Convoke deck, or might just take up space.

I'm not regretting buying this exactly, because I got what I was looking for (cards I can use), but cracking regular packs is more exciting.

I opened a theme booster tonight. Come with me on this journey.

I now have two baby dragons to go with my Wasitora cosplay.

My Card Kingdom order came with a token I can actually use!

I opened a shinyboy

Playing him in Izzet with Lathliss and a Sparktongue Dragon

Sorting cards is making me want to brew ramp today, even without titans


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