I don't care whether I actually play any of this set, these are beautiful and I want a playset of each of them

the folks at Scryfall sure liked that region blocking announcement

When Blood Sun enters the battlefield, draw a card.
All lands lose all abilities except mana abilities.

Commander Legends 

Really glad they're completing this cycle. Both because I like the design and because enemy colors are STILL behind on affordable dual land support

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Commander Legends, been waiting for this one literally as long as I've been playing Magic 

Gavin Verhey has challenged the internet to make Jumpstart packs that represent them.


I did one for Ariel.

All Together Now :white:

Haazda Marshal
Hunted Witness
Precinct Captain
Twilight Drover
Seller of Songbirds
Tenth District Veteran
Flight of Equenauts
Loxodon Sergeant

Noncreature spells
Rootborn Defenses
Conclave Tribunal
Make a Stand
Divine Visitation

Mana Geode

Basic land: the attached Plains

@ajanionthespot this just came up in my desktop background rotation and it feels very Onumbrican

D&DMtG custom cards 

And the tokens in the colors Ariel doesn't use, because I wanted the full cycle

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Decided my brutalist masterpiece needed a secret garden, so I made a color pie

So when I wrote a Magic for Minecrafters article for Card Kingdom, I made a cycle of Minecraft basic lands that didn't end up getting used. Thought y'all would want to see them.

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

scryfall.com/card/thb/231/alta does this mean you get an extra devotion to red, green, AND red&green? If I’m reading this right, you cast this before Klothys and she comes in as a creature!

I have received a wonderful thing in the mail and I am very confused

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