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Decided my brutalist masterpiece needed a secret garden, so I made a color pie

So when I wrote a Magic for Minecrafters article for Card Kingdom, I made a cycle of Minecraft basic lands that didn't end up getting used. Thought y'all would want to see them.

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

I have received a wonderful thing in the mail and I am very confused

they cooperated better, we'd have more forests like this." She gestured at the stump and the ferns that surrounded it. "It might even be worth having mushrooms."

At the bottom of the hill, the ocean washed placidly over a narrow rocky beach. Venqwyn wished them a good night and disappeared into the endless ripples.

Sunset was still a few hours away. Ariel and Tigris climbed up the biggest boulder they could find and sat shoulder to shoulder, watching bird-shaped silhouettes land on the water.

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"Yes, the land does know how to heal itself," Venqwyn said. "Even from the most devastating wounds. But maybe not from the scars of civilization."

"What do you mean?"

Tigris caught Venqwyn's meaning. "You say you're from a plane where the cities grew so big they crowded out everything else. Maybe the forests there need protecting from the cities."

Ariel puzzled this over. "I suppose you're right. There are three guilds in charge of nature on Ravnica, and they all hate each other. Maybe if

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"That's just something that happens around here," Tigris explained sheepishly, not sure if he should hug her or avoid touching her until this odd moment had passed. "Storm blows down an old tree, and everything races to reach that little bit of light."

"And no one's taken that old stump away," Ariel mused. "The new trees are feeding on what's left behind." She turned to face her friends, eyes alight with understanding. "The forest can heal itself."

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Didn't these people know how to take care of their environment? I mean, maybe they didn't; this place did seem to be run by a combination of Azorius and Orzhov ideology.

Then she saw something that brought her up short. An old, dead stump from a tree that had lived for centuries. With a dozen tiny saplings sprouting from it.

When Venqwyn and Tigris caught up, they found her in awe. "I get it now," she whispered. "I know what the Golgari were doing."

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