Updated Ariel card: I moved the "draw a card" to the minus on the advice that the emblem was a little heavy

Went to the Women at Wizards meetup. Did some networking & pulled this bonkers Sealed pool

I made a :blue: :black: deck with a splash for Bolas. It was slow but very powerful, and I abandoned it after a few games to play Commander.

What do you think: is Bolas + Command a worthwhile Oathbreaker deck?

WAR cards, swearing 

Starting to love this set, though I expect it to break my heart again next week 

Thopters of WAR 

Shout-out to @ajanionthespot for putting in the effort to find me elves I can't use in my commander deck

That Urborg Elf is making me wish I hadn't given away my Muldrotha deck at the white elephant though

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