They didn't tweet any it, so I didn't see when it went up, but here's my article about trans and nonbinary Magic characters

And yes, I know Ashiok doesn't use pronouns. My editor and I decided to prioritize clarity, since Ashiok was not available for comment (and would probably not have given us useful linguistic advice anyway).

Do I know anyone here who doesn't use pronouns and has thought deeply about the grammatical consequences?

Update: I got some advice from Discord and have sent in a revision

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@DialMforMara While I do use pronouns myself, I have put some thought into pronounlessness and some experience with people without.
Basically just substituting any pronoun with the persons name works. Some slight sentence rewording is required sometimes, such as when you list things(i.e. "Ashioks gender, plane of origin and life goals" instead of "their gender[...], their plane of origin and their life goals").
Except for that your article would work just swapping any pronoun for Ashiok I think.

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