Guess who just remembered, hours after sending in the third draft of a retrospective of trans and nonbinary Magic characters, that WotC created an entire species of theyfolk Since They Have Been Playing The Game

Good news is, I sent my editor a heads-up, and threw together a draft of a section on Yahenni to edit in the morning

Now I'll be able to sleep

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@DialMforMara I have mixed feelings about the notion of “a whole species that’s non-binary because they have no dimorphism to begin with” but I like how the Aetherborn at least have a range of presentations: the edgelord mall-kiosk-weapon style of Weaponcraft Enthusiast, the Darth Vader mob boss look of Gonti, the elegance of Contraband Kingpin, etc.

And I like how in the stories, they’re scrupulous about not assuming others’ gender

@orb_warded_kor_warlord I say basically all of this in my article. Aetherborn aren't perfect rep, but I like their diversity of presentation, and there's no denying that an entire species who all use they pronouns is an astonishing scale of nonbinary visibility, in spite of what they get wrong.

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