B&R, frustrated 

Remember when Wizards understood that needing to ban a card was a sign that they’d failed?

They’ve forgotten that now, and that makes them fail harder and more often.

Just once I want them to design a full year of Standard where no single deck takes over the meta. I want Ixalan/Dominaria Standard back. That was good Magic that didn’t hurt anyone, and all you creeps complaining about low power can be butthurt somewhere else.


B&R, frustrated, context 

For context, Omnath, Locus of Creation has finally been banned, after weeks of waffling.

If you’d just design the game so it was actually hard to cast a four-color mythic, you wouldn’t have this problem

B&R, frustrated, context 

@DialMforMara if nothing else that means it's cheaper to pick up for my K&T deck.

B&R, frustrated, context 

@Haphazard Eventually. And maybe it’ll get low enough in the next couple months that I can write a budget deck tech for it. But I doubt it.

B&R, frustrated, context 

@DialMforMara budget deck tech for Omnath: don't

B&R, frustrated, context 

@Haphazard Budget Elementals is totally a thing

and adding more colors means you have more options

B&R, frustrated, context 

@DialMforMara I know. I made a budget elemental modern deck for like 13 dollars. It was just a joke of a true budget omnath deck is don't (0 dollars) cause current discord of omnath is its not fun to play against.

Though if this was around April 1st I would support that as being the opening thesis statement to an article. Then doing the actual deck tech because April fools really kinda sucks.

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