Inspired by a Blogatog post, I did some basic statistics on planeswalkers and gender.

I included only black-border planeswalkers listed on Scryfall.
Planeswalker deck cards are included, so this is not a good measure of how many sets a character has appeared in.
The Royal Scions counts as half a point each to Will and Rowan.

Count: 30
Mean: 3.75
Median: 2
Mode: 1
Second mode: 2

Count: 25
Mean: 3.86
Median: 3
Mode: 1
Second mode: 3

Count: 2
Mean: 3.5
Median: 3.5


There are slightly fewer female planeswalkers, but the median female planeswalker gets one more appearance than the median male planeswalker. Whether that counts as parity is up to you.

Being in the Lorwyn 5 or the Gatewatch gets you significantly more cards than usual. Unless you're Teferi.

Also, not a new observation, but we need more nonbinary planeswalkers who aren't assholes or tragic figures.

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@DialMforMara I assume this is only counting planeswalkers that have cards, and not lore-only walkers?

@Canageek yeah. Just planeswalkers who have black-border planeswalker cards (so Urza doesn't count, because his planeswalker card is silver border and his black-border card isn't a planeswalker)

@DialMforMara as a lower person who doesn't particularly care about the card game I would love to see how this shakes out once all the planeswalkers on the wiki are counted, even those that didn't get cards

@Canageek get me a comprehensive list of lore planeswalkers, and the number of set stories they appear in, and I'll do the math

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