Okay if I had time for it I'd be really tempted by the Sealed Commander format in the latest Friday Night Paper Fight: Each player's sealed pool is a complete box.

Potential twist: coordinate commander picks so there's not a lot of color overlap, then after each game, trade decks with another player, then upgrade your new deck with cards you didn't use in your old one.


@SliverQueen I would play that with you, assuming I can afford a box of Commander Legends

@DialMforMara They're playing with boxes from Standard-line sets, and if we want to make this happen I can provide those.

@SliverQueen yay

would we each start with a different set? Are these 60 or 100-card decks? (The bigger decks will be hard to build in monocolor-focused sets)

@DialMforMara Hundred card singleton, so you have to run some amount of filler. This game is Cam on Feather (WAR), Shivam on Nethroi (IKO), Wheeler on Niambi (M21), and Kathleen on Etrata (GRN)

@SliverQueen I like it

would we be limited to current Standard? Because Ixalan and/or Ravnica would be fun

@SliverQueen we should probably do some kind of power-level balancing

I want to play Ixalan, but would not be excited about playing it against Darksteel or Ikoria

@DialMforMara I don't have enough XLN packs around for it, but definitely lots of RNA. Might even have that much RTR.

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