Gavin Verhey has challenged the internet to make Jumpstart packs that represent them.

I did one for Ariel.

All Together Now :white:

Haazda Marshal
Hunted Witness
Precinct Captain
Twilight Drover
Seller of Songbirds
Tenth District Veteran
Flight of Equenauts
Loxodon Sergeant

Noncreature spells
Rootborn Defenses
Conclave Tribunal
Make a Stand
Divine Visitation

Mana Geode

Basic land: the attached Plains

@DialMforMara my golem themed Jumpstart booster


Precursor Golem
Master splicer
Blade splicer
Golem artisan
Howling golem
Meteor golem
Cogwork assembler

Ajani's presence
Built to last
Sheltering light
Defiant strike


Eric Peterson odyssey plains (attached)

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