‪It’s Wednesday, time for the question of the week. ‬
‪What questions would you ask a veterinarian about the anatomy or other features of MtG critters? ‬

‪I wonder what the physiology of a Loregoyf is?‬


@theloregoyfs how do behemoths get around the square cube law?

What ratio of body length to wingspan must a dragon have to be able to fly? What about faeries? How much work does magic do vs physics?

(to a Simic doctor) What's the dumbest augmentation request you've ever gotten, and did you go through with it?

@DialMforMara Behemoths just eat the square cube.

Depends on the type of dragon. We sent researchers to Jund, but they were all eaten. We’ve been really stumped by how many zombified flying creatures, including dragons, fly at all with the broken wings.

We got a replay from some Dr. Z and they said an Izzet goblin request human legs so they could see over the benches better. We did go through with it, but only after convincing them to also get a dorsal fin so we could meet our aquatic quota.

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