so wotc is looking for BIPOC freelance story writers.

1. go get 'em
2. Does Jewish count as POC?

@DialMforMara Wikipedia entry for Person of color appends "emphasizes common experiences of systemic racism" which sounds like a slam-dunk

Merriam Webster's entry for POC leads to Color, sense 12, "skin pigmentation especially other than white characteristic of race", which disappoints me from MW.

@mycroft I've also been told that my fight to get good Jewish rep in Magic is not the fight of the moment, and staying out of it increases the odds they actually hire black people, so

@DialMforMara I really really don't like the "now's not a good time, keep patiently waiting and maybe we'll get to you later (we will never get to you)" but I see that perspective too

@mycroft now I'm thinking I go for it, because the worst that could happen if I do is they say "you're not POC enough, we're not hiring you for this"
and the worst that could happen if I don't is that I miss out on a chance to change Magic for the better

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