Ikoria nicknames are up!

(also Lurrus was banned in Vintage and Legacy, so we're starting to get somewhere)

@DialMforMara Not a fan of Lurrus specifically or the companions in general?

@Ice_In_Disguise I’ve honestly been baffled by this whole Companion thing. My first reaction was “these will be Commander brewer cards, no competitive player will accept these deckbuilding restrictions”

and then @SliverQueen told me they’d taken over literally all the competitve constructed formats and I was very confused and also a little sad

@DialMforMara I understand that. Personally I thought the requirements weren't stringent enough, but was mainly thinking of edh.
The thing that grind me the most though is when you realize they're sometimes just free, like a creatureless deck gets to run Kaheera, or oddball decks Jegantha, with literally zero cuts made to accomodate them, and that's just talking about standard!

@Ice_In_Disguise that's why Lutri was instabanned in singleton formats, yeah

I'm still not sure why they went ahead with a mechanic where they knew they were going to have to immediately ban 1/10 of the cards that used it

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