@SliverQueen Ariel's response to Venqwyn's concern about the Gatewatch registering planeswalkers:
-we'll deal with it going bad if it goes bad
-I want to make more planeswalker friends and this is the best way I know how
-If we make these people angry they'll probably bring the Azorius down on our heads, and I *know* I don't want to deal with them

@DialMforMara @SliverQueen out of character the gatewatch asks. The sheriffs force.

@Jmaurer @SliverQueen yeah, there’s a degree to which the Gatewatch figures out what local people want and implements it to the best of their ability

So far Kaladesh is the only place it’s really worked though

But it’s a lot like what we’ve been trying to do

@DialMforMara "So we're riding the same current. A community of people like us, good. A way to gather us when we need to fight together, also good. But they've taken it on themselves to watch everyone coming and going from this particular plane? And allied with one particular faction out of ten? That's awfully forceful for protection."

(Out of character meta note to follow)

@DialMforMara (the goal here is not to make Ariel feel bad, but Venqwyn does see some contradictions between our goals on Onumbrica and what the expanded Gatewatch is doing on Ravnica. I'd like to be able to explore imcompatibilites in our characters' worldviews like this without it getting personal, which I know can be a delicate balance sometimes.)

@SliverQueen (Makes sense. I’ll let you know if it starts to feel bad. Right now Ariel is at “I want to engage with my world better than my relatives who never leave the vernadi,” and she may eventually come around to “now that I understand the multiverse, there’s a reason I keep thinking other places need to be more like the vernadi”

I suspect Selesnya is one of the “don’t care” groups, unless @ajanionthespot wants to involve Emmara and make the Gatewatch office use resources from more guilds)

@SliverQueen (And maybe the Gatewatch office isn’t actually affiliated with any of the guilds. Ariel just thinks that because they look like they’re using Azorius magic, which may just be the influence of the current and former Living Guildpacts)

@SliverQueen “This is kind of already the Azorius’ job. Other guilds’ jobs overlap—the Boros are also in charge of keeping peace, the Orzhov are incredibly bureaucratic—but they either don’t care, don’t have the tools to keep track of everything they’d need to, or they’d exploit the process for themselves—I told you about the vampire collecting offworld artifacts? The one the beacon plans from? We don’t want his people anywhere near the Gatewatch.”

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