Got to talking with the woman who brought a binder of Magic cards to the Foglio book signing. We started to come up with an Adventure card whose sorcery half is "lost in a good book," which I think is a [[Totally Lost]] effect

Thinking the creature half will be a wizard librarian with ETB [[Anticipate]] and flavor text along the lines of "They know what book you're looking for almost before you ask."


The binder contained one of almost every card with Foglio art, and she got Sheherazade signed.

She showed me the empty space at the end of the binder and said "That's for Mishra's Workshop someday."

I wished her luck, and then we left the bookstore in different directions.

Would it have been weird of me to ask for her phone number?

@DialMforMara Dunno about number, but email or twitter or something seems OK?

@DialMforMara In future, they will probably be at seattle MtG events

@DialMforMara Weird? No, but usually better to ask for a way to contact the person, letting it be up to them if they give you a number or a social media thing etc.

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