Quick check for the sensitivity of a concept I'd like to use: Nonbinary Werewolf who is one gender on one side of the card, and another on the other side. Yes/no?

(because what could be less binary than... the two sides of a card, good metaphor there.)

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@ajanionthespot It's a cute, silly card, but I don't think I'd be comfortable playing it and I'm not sure it intersects well with the concept of werewolf-as-queer-metaphor you've already got in Onumbrican society

are there nonbinary people who aren't werewolves?

@DialMforMara There are.

The reason I asked was I'm prepping a lot of secondary characters that probably aren't going to be encountered more than once, and the random generator dice landed on NB and Werewolf. So I thought about one way to do that.

But "are my players going to be comfortable with this?" was one of the main questions I wanted to get answered, so thank you for saying so!


@ajanionthespot I would like to see more enbies and more werewolves, and once we've done that the intersection of the two categories will feel less tokenistic. (yes, even nontoken creatures can be tokens)

@DialMforMara Another lesson learned here is I need to make NB side characters more visible.

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