Up late tonight working on Theros Beyond Death "Official" Story, because if they can't be bothered to treat their setting and characters well, somebody's gotta.

Hoping to have chapter 1 on AO3 tomorrow, and I've got a nice detailed outline that hits all the beats in the summary to get through the rest of it.

Anyone got thoughts about how Calix talks?

@DialMforMara Considering him being "freshly made", like a baby, but also/or, like a really pompous shonen action anime antagonist? :P

@DialMforMara I thought I heard his voice lines from Magic Arena were data mined from the client, so that seems like a good idea

@DialMforMara I imagine Nyxborn as being some kind of Classical Antiquity Elemental. So maybe he talks in Iambic Pentameter, like everything he says is out of Homer?

I like this idea. @SliverQueen said something about doing the whole story in verse, which sounded like too much work, but maybe the parts narrated by Calix will be in iambic pentameter like Emily Wilson's translation of the Odyssey

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen update: have acquired Calix’s Arena voice lines. Still gonna try to fit them into pentameter.

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