Theros spoiler, mechanics question does this mean you get an extra devotion to red, green, AND red&green? If I’m reading this right, you cast this before Klothys and she comes in as a creature!

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

@DialMforMara Update: I have been assured that this card only increases the devotion count for any card by one.

That’s not how this reads. It should say “whenever you count devotion, add an extra one.”

Theros spoiler, mechanics question 

@DialMforMara Maybe it should say "[...] to any color, or any combination [...]". I think the "or" instead of "and" would help.
Best of all would be reminder text along the lines of what you said, this is a common after all and those should never be confusing, that's like a stated goal of theirs!

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