@ajanionthespot all the buses in Vancouver say "Lest We Forget" in the leadup to Veterans Day. I made a joke that Lest We Forget was the place they were going, and now I want a town on Onumbrica to be called that. Maybe at the red/white boundary?

@DialMforMara Ohhh, that is good...

That sounds blue/black to me? Like the thematic equivalent of appalachia?

Could be. I picked those colors because it's a military thing here. Has Onumbrica had wars since Lotusseed and the Metro took over?

Wherever you put it, it'll be hilarious to have a town called Lest We Forget where no one remembers what it was named for

(Maybe it was in one of the library books?)

Another geographical thought: we learned that Mistolin has a canonical home that is somehow near the town named for him. Do we know if any more of Those Who Cared have homes?

@SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer

@DialMforMara @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer

It would be reasonable to suppose that Narwahye does/did, if she's "Peace of Hearth:' that's an explicitly domestic sort of thing to be a goddess of.

If any of the remaining three did, you haven't found any evidence of it.

@DialMforMara @ajanionthespot (I can fill you in on Canadian customs and the background of that phrase if you want)

@Canageek @DialMforMara

I am understanding correctly that it's a commenwealth WW1 memorial thing, probably popularized by a Rudyard Kipling poem?

Canadian military holiday discussion, poli 

Canadian military holiday discussion, poli 

Canadian military holiday discussion, poli 

@DialMforMara Onumbrica hasn't had any official wars. There've been Pinkertons-style violent suppression of workers and farmers by Sheriffs. But the Senate has been very explicit that those don't count.

@ajanionthespot so might it be named for an early rebellion that no one remembers anymore? Or something that happened before the Cyclone?

Would Narwayeh know the history of place names? Or is that something to ask Firiel about?

@ajanionthespot if we do go to Lest We Forget, I’ll absolutely ask what the residents were supposed to not forget.

@ajanionthespot which reminds me: does Firiel know about things that happened between the Cyclone and the construction of the telemancy system?

@DialMforMara That's a good question...

The cloud forms don't seem to be able to perceive time clearly or linearly. It's possible that she saw events in the Cyclone-to-Telemancy period, but not in an order that makes sense. It might be like trying to recall a very complicated dream that you swear made sense while you were having it but on waking is nonsense.

@DialMforMara She could learn about those events now, if they got discussed on or near a telemancy line. But that wouldn't help for things that nobody nowadays knows about.

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