Wondering how much the fact the only thing that matters in the RPG I'm writing reflects my life philosophy?

That said, it has a very BROAD definition of skill. Good at empathy? Skill. Magic? Skill. Fixing a car? Skill. Math? Also skill. Saying the right thing to a sad friend? Guess what? Skill.

Like, what you are born with effects things, but what you choose to spend time on is far more important.

That is a hopeful message to me. I was born with very few social skills, that part of my brain is used for other things, but I'm learning. Not perfect, but I think I get better at it most years (Unless I don't talk to other people for long periods, then my skills get very rusty).

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@Canageek As a "gifted and talented" child who was taught to expect to be "naturally" good at things, learning that everything is a skill was actually kind of liberating

now I can say I'm not good at a thing because I don't want to work on it

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